13 DIY Pallet Ideas

1. Pallet Planter
2.  Pallet Picture Rack
3. Pallet Coffee Table
4. Pallet Book Shelf
5. Pallet Family Picture Gallery♥
 6. Pallet Planter
7. Pallet Sofa
8. Pallet Compost Bin ♥
 I will definitely be trying this one with untreated pallet wood
9. Union Jack Pallet Coffee Table
10. Pallet Island from Beyond The Picket Fence
11. Pallet Word Wall
12. Pallet Bench (again from Beyond the Picket Fence) what can I say she is the Pallet Queen! She has all sorts of Pallet advice on her blog beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com
13. Another pallet coffee table ( I love the stain)

One thought on “13 DIY Pallet Ideas

  1. Lisa Jean Lee

    Hi Lisa, Just found your blog! It really caught my eye because of your name! LOL! As you can see we share a name. So cool. I live in London, KY and will be “50” in August. I really enjoyed what I have read so far. Your bio sounds like me, but my daughter repurposes the furniture. I have not tried any yet. But I owned a thrift & consignment store for several years, before I become disabled. I still have all my fixtures in storage and may open another one or just use for yard sales.
    Would love to keep up with your adventures in thrifting and finding good deals. If you are like me, I would rather run garage sales than eat when I am hungry. LOL. And the “High” when you find that great deal is like no other!


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