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Christmas Treasures

Ok friends I’ve done my duty. Lots of beautiful Christmas treasures are up for grabs at my “spot”. What should I call myself anyway? I don’t like the word “dealer” sounds a little funny business to me. Vintage entreprenuer? Queen of Junk? What would you call yourself if you were me, doing what I do. Crazy?

Sweet little bird centerpiece. Lots of santas and red! I love red. It’s so regal and royal and pretty!!

Trying to capture all of my space is so crazy hard. Here is part of Judy’s space too!

Postcards, nice brick wall…hence the name of the store…The Brick Basement.  Looks like I could use a little more…well….”stuff” here.

I am in LOVE with this silverplated vintage champagne bucket…so beautiful you can put well champagne in it, a bottle of white wine on ice, a bottle of red wine.
and of course there’s Martha, who doesn’t love Martha.
That’s all for now. Thank you Anna for helping me yesterday – you were awesome.

Treasures to go into The Brick Basement

Hey party people! I’m feeling jazzy today (jazz hands!) as I’ve just finished tagging, pricing and packing all sorts of new goodies to go into my Dealer Space at The Brick Basement. It’s always a great feeling when I finish this task as it is not my favorite part of the vintage dealer process. I would much rather be out scouting for new thrifty and fabulous treasures. But there was a plus to this Friday as there was a garage sale around the corner from my house so you know that got me going and I bought a few pretty things.

So here’s the first treasure up for grabs on Sunday. Which is when I’ll be hauling all of my goodies to the shop and unloading and redecorating my space.

This is a piece I got from the goodwill a while back and refinished it. The top has a pull-out writing board and I replaced the knob.

Remember yesterday’s blog post when I lamented on parting with the goodies I find? Well this is one of them. I found all of these different parts and put together this lovely Christmas Centerpiece. The container is actually copper and I sprayed it white ( I know I shouldn’t of – I couldn’t help myself), lots of big pinecones from Big Bear Lake and an old chippy bird nestling on the side. I added moss to fill in the gaps. 

                                                                Chippy bird close-up♥

The next fabulous find up for grabs is this old White Scrolly Iron Piece. You can do so many things with this piece. I would put it in my garden with some pink climbing roses. You can hang it on a wall as a fabulous piece of art. You can even make a garden gate out of it.

                                                                  ♥Close-up of finial

     This next piece is another Christmas Centerpiece I created. An iron two tiered stand I sprayed white and added big beautiful pine cones and crystal wreaths. I love pine cones they remind me of Pottery Barn and nature – two of my favorite things.

That’s about all for me I’m off to do mommy things.
Make it a great weekend! And God Bless!!!xx♥

I always want to keep it!

So I have this small problem! Every time I make something cute for the store I always want to keep it. Or even if I pick up something at a yardsale or some local thrifty place. I mean the reason I buy these things is because I like them – right? So why can’t I keep them? My husband has told me no “if you bought it for the store then you have to take it to the store and sell it”. So now what I do is I buy it put it in the house where it looks cute and don’t say anything to him. Sooner or later I get tired of it and then put it in the store. Problem solved!

Name Bracelets

Ok girls Christmas is coming up fast and heavy – have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If that questions strikes terror in your heart as I know it does mine I have a suggestion for you. Personalized jewelry!! You know I make it and you can buy it! I have really fabulous name bracelets which are so precious and sweet to give as gifts. The one below is sterling silver with pink freshwater pearls. They run about 7″ in length with and extender attached of about 1″. The lobster clasp will fit through any of the loops on the extender so it’s totally adjustable. If you’re interested please leave a comment below. Happy shopping!

Custom Framed Mirrors

I really did this without my hubby. Here is our new mirror all framed up in our guest bathroom. It’s so beautiful I can’t believe I did it myself! I couldn’t have done it without a little help from Rhoda over at She has the greatest tips and advice on how to spiffy up your house on a budget. FYI when she says that you need to be careful when using your glue gun to put up the molding she means it – that stuff sticks – QUICK! Oh and be sure to paint the back of your molding the same color as the front. I thought I would skip that step but you really can’t hence me finding out that the glue gun sticks the molding to the glass quickly. I got it off but not without a fight!

This is After


Closeup of the corner, my mirror looks a little dirty – I had just finished DIYing it – I did clean it up afterwards!