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Running Hills Elementary Christmas Boutique

Today I participated in my first boutique in over 4 years! It was great to be amongst my fellow crafty artisans again. It really is a good feeling to be surrounded by others who share my love for all things crafty. It takes a lot of work and inspiration to bring your craftiness to life and these people are definitely a big part of my inspiration.

Of course my trusty sidekick sister-in-law Anna was with me today and helped me tremendously. She did not go home emptyhanded she bought a zebra print fleece blanket, crochet scarf and a cardigan. Oh and a treasure from me for all of her hard work!  I also put her to hard work teaching her how to wire wrap pearls onto a lariat necklace. She did well for a newbie wire wrapper – better than I did when I first learned. Hmmm….maybe I have a protege to work long hours making my jewelry for me – hehe.

My beautiful mannequin Gemma made her debut today. She looked lovely all decked out in Lisa Jayne Jewelry vintage key necklaces. She is named Gemma for my godmother Aunty Jan. We bought her together at the Rose Bowl Flea Market whilst she was visiting from England. Get it Gemma – GM – godmother – same letters. I know it’s a stretch but I like the name Gemma and it works.

We raised a few dollars for the PTA of Running Springs Elementary thanks to the hard work of the show’s organizer Barri. Barri kept a cool head all day while dealing with us crafty and crazy vendors. Thanks Barri!

All in all the boutique was a success and it was a nice way to break back into the craft show circuit.

What’s a Girl To Do?

So sad today…my godmother, Uncle and Dad have all been staying with us for the last two weeks and today – they left! It’s been a crazy two weeks filled with long road trips, lots of tea, catching up, getting to know you, keys, jewelry, mannequins, getting lost and most of all – love!

So it’s with a heavy heart I write this post today – so what’s a girl to do? ……..Shop!!!

I love this!


 think I might need this…Mike?

                                                                    this is fabulous!!!

my mom had a blazer like this when I was  a little girl….sigh ♥

so nice!

So what do you think? Does shopping make you feel better? Just looking at the creative possibilities inspires me.

That’s all for today! God Bless!!xxx

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Inspirational Christmas

I need a little inspiration every now and again. Some days the magic just doesn’t pour out of my brain and I need a little kick in the pants. Here are some pics I’ve found while surfing the net that I like so much I saved them. Enjoy!

Photo Credit: My Romantic Home Blog
 Photo Credit: My Romantic Home Blog
Photo Credit: My Romantic Home