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On The Bench

When a jeweler has a piece of jewelry she’s working on it’s referred to as “on the bench”. So here’s what I have on the bench in the way of cool new stuff for the shop.

Cake Plates! While browsing around the thrift store a few weeks ago with my mother-in-law she told me about how she used to make cake plates and sell them at her little cafe. She then proceeded to point out different pieces you can use to assemble the top and bottom.

These are from the cutest blog you can find here At Home With The Farmers Wife .

These pretty cake plates are from this super crafty mom from my neck of the woods, she can be found here.

Another cute blogger who has made them can be found here.

I wish I would have found all of these blogs before I went out and tackled this one on my own. I think I bought about 10 different kind of glues for this project. The best glue so far is a silicone glue I bought  at Home Depot. It also helps if you roughen up the pedestal part that glues to the plate. I had a glass file laying around that I used for that. I’m sure you could probably use any kind of file though. I’ve also made some out of silverplate and I found that E6000 works nicely for that. But for glass on glass the silicone works the best. I haven’t had chance to use my cakeplates yet but I’m sure it won’t take long for a cake to be made around here (considering who I’m married to and all).

New Name

Hi friends, so I’ve been wanting to change the name of my blog, dealer space, etc…. OcCraftyGurl just isn’t cutting it anymore. I don’t think I’d like to see the name “OC Crafty Gurl” up in lights – sounds kinda weird.
So what about this name? What do you think? I might try out a few before I settle…I’m in no rush.

If You Are Here You Are Awesome♥

Today I’m headed down to The Brick Basement in Fullerton, to hang some lights. I think I mentioned in one of my last posts that my space is extra dark now that I’ve hung the “Wall O’ Burlap” (it needs lighting up). While I was in one of my fav thrift stores yesterday I found 3 wall lights (score) and they are exactly what I need for my space.

See you there!

Getting Ready For School

Since school is almost back in for my little ones I decided to change my background to A,B,C theme. I get my backgrounds from Shabby Blogs who I absolutely love. Their backgrounds and shabby extras are free! I think I love the fact even more that the lady in charge over there is a mom just like me. There are lots of us out there. SAHM’s who blog and get shabbily creative. I think it’s good to have a creative outlet – especially if you’re locked up all day with little kids who can drive you up a wall and make you jump for joy all within one second!

So here’s to all those mom’s who blog and stay at home. Cheers Ladies!!

I’ve posted just a few of my fav’s from Shabby Blogs


Saturday Treasures

 I love Saturdays – no school, no deadlines, and lots of yard sales!

Although I leave my house with the promise and intention of donuts for the kids and the thought that I’ll only be “gone an hour” I usually end up running home with my tail between my legs with stale donuts, cries of “where were you”, and a scowl from my husband. I know you’ve all been there ladies. So today I found some “treasures” as my hubby calls them. Now I haven’t actually taken pictures of my treasures but I’ll post some pics that are similar.

My mother-in-law who was my partner in crime this morning scored a great set of vintage glasses with a gold “J” on them along with a decanter for only $1. All of these goodies from the same sale, I really think we overwhelmed her with our “how much” for this and bargaining skills. Poor woman, she was probably glad to see us traipse down her driveway with treasures in hand.

What did you get on this Yard Sale Saturday?

Milk Glass Mania

If you’ve checked out The Brick Basement lately then you know that we love Milk Glass! It’s everywhere in the store. I seem to have a large collection of it. For some strange reason I’m drawn to it – maybe it’s the color white or like with all things vintage or antique I just think it’s so cool. I mean it’s lived through a lot of history!

A little background on my beloved milk glass from a cool website called

“Milk glass became popular during the end of the 19th century in France. Often considered a product of the ‘fin de siecle’, the milk glass goes hand in hand with French cultural awareness and symbolists that paved the way for modernism and expressionism.

During the early 20th century, also known as the American Gilded Age, milk glass was synonymous with the cultural prosperity of the wealthy American culture. Milk glass made in the Gilded Age still remains some of the best ever made. It is known for the delicacy and elegance and were often seen on dressers and shelf tops in upper-class American homes.

However, during the 1930’s, milk glass made during the Depression was considered less elegant and delicate and more a production of the harsh times. Because of this, milk glass made during the 1930’s and 1940’s is often considered of lesser quality.”

What about you? Do you ♥ Milk Glass too?