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You know what I realized today? I’m a creative person, I need creativity in my life. In my space. It seems a little odd to me when someone doesn’t have a creative outlet. I love using my hands to make something out of nothing, to dress up an old piece of furniture or just to get my passion going. Creativity is good for the soul. Good for you, it makes you interesting. I’ve also noticed that a lot of creative people, no matter their age, have a young quality to them. They never seem to age, they are always excited and seem to glow.

You can be creative with your style of dress, hair, decorating your house, writing music and poetry. I love to make jewelry. I love to decorate my house. I love to write. My husband likes to make fabulous food – that’s creative. Emma likes to draw pictures of her friends and she really loves to get a little funky with her outfits.

What do you like to create?

New Shoppe Finds

This is an awesome wall hanging. It’s already in my family room to remind me everyday what frame of mind I’m supposed to be in.  It would make a great present for Christmas for someone you love. 22″ square with two hooks for hanging.
7″ 3 different decorative stoppers. These would be beautiful in your bathroom on a footed silver tray.
13″ high, shabby yellow bird jewelry stand. These are very cute and would look great filled with Lisa Jayne Jewelry!
This is an adorable frame. It’s actually quite large 10″ high and holds a 5×7″ picture. Another great gift.

All of these treasures will be going into the shop tomorrow. I will be posting more as I add for our Holiday Boutique at The Brick Basement. It’s the 1st Saturday in November 10am-6pm. Please come and check out our bedazzled and Christmasfied shop on this date. It’s sure to be a great shopping day to knock some of those names off of your Christmas list.

On The Bench

I’m linking this post to Funk Junk Sat Nite Special

I’ve been laid up for a few days post dental surgery Monday – yuck! That’s all I’ll say about that.

Anyway I went to Glitterfest over the weekend with a few girlfriends and became inspired. Here’s where “being laid up” can come in handy.

Work Station

Pretty Trinkets

Vintage Buttons adorned with bits and bobs


Waiting for my ring shipment from Etsy


Necklace Pendant or Ring?

Vintage Button adorned with freshwater coin pearl

Love for Halloween
Vintage button filigree earrings – I bet these don’t make it to the shop♥
Center Piece for a long drapey necklace or ring?

I have loads of pics from Glitterfest that I will post in the next few days.

Bless xo for now. I’m off to Hip Hop Dance Class (to watch my daughter)♥

Shabby Chic or No?

So I was talking with a good girlfriend a while ago at The Brick Basement (one of my favorite places to hang out and chat)  and she informed me that Rachel Ashwell (my sister friend from my native homeland)  has come out with a new book and a new style. Now we all know Rachel as the Queen of Shabby Chic, she pretty much started this look and/or took it over many years ago and ran with it. Now she has a new decorator style which I wasn’t aware of until now so apparently I’m quite “behind” the loop, I guess. So anyway it’s called “prairie” like Little House on the Prairie. Have any of you heard of this? Or am I the only one with my head in the sand? I’m told it’s the same shabby chic style but with a little bit of farmhouse thrown in. So does that mean it’s “French Country”? It definitely can’t be “Industrial”, maybe it’s a little “Swedish Country”? Who knows….there are so many different decorating styles – I’m confused! I say just decorate with what you like and is comfortable for you and yours. So maybe I should start my own decorating style – I’d call it “English House on the Windy Hill Style”. Sounds good – no?

Whatever style this is – I heart it.