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Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

I sense a new obsession in blog land. And there is much ado about it. I just got mine and I’ve started to use it but my piece of furniture isn’t done yet so I’m finding myself looking at all of your pieces that ARE finished. ( I have a hard time finishing something once I start it – hmmmm…maybe it has something to do with being a wife and mom to two kids under the age of 9?) Anywho back to the subject at hand – Chalk Paint! There seems to be conflicting opinions, mainly having to do with price and availability. But I say if you’ve ever sanded, primed and then painted a piece of furniture you will appreciate the time and cost of Chalk Paint! I want something done and I want it done pretty quickly because as I mentioned earlier I am a mom and wife first before all of this antiquing, painting, junking, picking love affair business! So here are some posts I’ve found about Chalk Paint.

Fabulous secretary from Maison Decor. I’m now on the lookout for one for myself.

From Perfectly Imperfect in Duck Egg Blue
Dining room chair from My Art’s Desire.

And of course here is the reigning queen of Chalk paint, Miss Mustard Seed. Both corner cabinets and dresser have been painted in chalk paint.

 And this old farm table is probably my most fav from Miss Mustard. I adore it.

Now I have heard some conflicting comments around blog land. Some say that it wipes off too easily with water, but I did read that it has to “cure” for a few day before you attempt to wipe with a wet rag. I recently painted a chair with Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint that I’m also reupholstering (which by the way is almost done I’m just waiting – between my hubs being sick and now me – for a trip to Home Depot for a pneumatic staple gun). It went on like a dream with virtually no drips and dried uber fast! I then dry brushed it the next day and it looks amazing. Oh and another comment I read was the lack of colors available. But I did hear that they are releasing more colors soon. Most stockists are back ordered but eventually get the product out to you. It is expensive but well worth it in time and money as there is no sanding, priming and it covers with less coats. So that said I pretty much love it.  Oh and I did hear as well that when doing a second coat it “grabs” for more paint. I can see that point as there is no slickness to it at all.

Anyway, order yourself some chalk paint – you’ll be glad you did!



p.s. any suggestions on that pneumatic staple gun?

Stockists of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint

House of Anne
Anne Skougard in Canyon Lake, California
Phone: 951-244-9968    951-385-6745

Patty Seaman
Classic Wall Finishes
Little Silver, New Jersey

Southern Institute of Faux Finishing
Virginia Weathersby in Brandon, Mississippi
Phone: 601-919-FAUX

Faux Works
Barbara Skivington in High Point, NC
Phone: 336-841-0130

WonderFaux Studio
Michelle Delgado
12919 Southwest Freeway
Suite 120
Stafford, Texas 77477
Phone: 281-242-4937

WonderFaux Studio
Michelle Delgado in Houston, Texas
Phone: 281-242-4937

Lily Lane Home
Robin and Brittany Lynn Muller in Waco, Texas
Phone: 281-702-2866

I received mine from Anne (different lady) in Canyon Lake California. She was very sweet and kept me up to date on the whereabouts of my paint.

Reupholstered Chair Part II

This is the progress of my chair with the million gazillion staples!

I think this chair has been recovered quite a few times. The cardboard has tufting holes in it and there are literally thousands of staple holes. I’m afraid that when I start  to staple the wood may split. I’ll have to rethink my staple gun for a pneumatic staple gun with smaller gauge staples. Tonight I’ll paint with the chalk paint and let you know how it turns out. I’m using French Gray!


Canon Rebel T3

Back of scale, see how the light is orange?

Untouched scale I just scored last week!

retouched with Picasa
This is the camera I decided on. Canon Rebel T3. Now whether or not I can handle it is another question but I sure feel mighty professional toting this thing around with it’s clicking sound and all! I played with it last night and here are a few pics I got. 
A little fun with Picasa

Now if I can just figure out how to use it manually and all those cool features! The guy did offer me a camera class at $60 an hour but I have a feeling it will go in one ear and out the other. I’m just gonna’ have to play – darn it!

A New Camera

If you’ve followed me for any length of time you know that I started this creative career making jewelry. It took me a while to figure out how to photograph jewelry but I eventually got it down and became pretty good at it. But DIY photography is another story, so I’ve decided to invest in a new camera. The Brick Basement has been good to me this last year and I’ve decided to reinvest in myself with a new camera. I’m not sure what to get but I’m doing my research.

Source: Miss Mustard Seed Blog
 I like the one Miss Mustard Seed uses for her blog pics.
1. Nikon SLR
Source: Funky Junk
2. Cannon Powershot, Donna from Funky Junk Interiors
Source: Centsational Girl

3. Nikon D60 used by Centsational Girl

All of these forementioned blogs have really great tutorials on taking pictures, please visit them to find out more and I’ll let you know what I end up with.

Reupholstered Canvas French Chair

Ok so my chair isn’t French nor is it reupholstered…..yet. But with a little help from this lovely ladies tutorials Miss Mustard Seed and a little courage I’m going to try. Here are a few inspirational pics…

Image La Bella


Image – La Bella
Image – Navy Bean

Image ?

God Bless,

xoxo  Lisa