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Treasure Pile

I had a clean out of my garage last weekend, this is the treasure after all of the TRASH! This is my haul, my

treasure, my loot, the “goods”, the creme de la’ creme (ya silly), these are my treasures ( as hubs likes to call

them. These are the pieces that I am going to, have started or still thinking about painting, cleaning and

giving LOTS of love to. Especially this one, this one is extra special to me because this is the first piece

 my hub rescued for me. That was an amazing day because he was SO PROUD of himself. And I was

proud of him for valuing what I do.  Anywho the sweet Barbie car is not in

the renovate pile, that sweet ride is parked in princess barbie and prince Jack’s reserved parking spot.

So do see a pile of treasure or do you see just a pile of old junk? What do you have waiting in your

garage waiting to be transformed into something delish?


 Since I haven’t posted in a few days I thought I would show you some pretty pictures I’ve been taking with my new Canon Rebel T3 camera.

These pictures were taken at Rancho Las Palmas in Palm Desert during Spring Break with friends and family.

I love this flower. Not sure of the name.

I can’t tell a lie my daughter, Emma, took this one. She has a good eye just like her momma. 

Pansies, my momma’s favorite!

Iceberg Roses….these were taken in our back yard.

Lavender, also in our back yard. When we first moved into our house I didn’t know what this ugly bush was and proceeded to pull about 20 of them out, only to later realize it was beautiful lavender bushes
New plums…yum
Have a blessed Mother’s Day,

Reupholstered Chair Part III

I can say that I’ve finished it and I am glad! Now I know why reupholstery costs so much! It is a lot of hard work. So let’s have a looksie shall we?


Add a little of this in French Gray

I dry brushed over it with Old White


Overall I’m very happy with how she turned out. I can say that I would love to get a pneumatic staple gun and I did go to Home Depot to check them out but they were $100+ and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to invest that sort of cash as I don’t know that I would reupholster enough furniture to make up for the cost. The hardest part, surprisingly, was tearing out all of the gazillion staples. The 2nd hardest part was restapling the canvas to the chair. My stapler is sort of clunky and didn’t fit into the little knooks and crannies. I also learned how to make double welting for this project which is super exciting for a nonsewer like me. My favorite part was the paint, probably because it took about 1/2 hour to paint and literally no time at all to dry brush. This was a super fun project and the best part was that she was a curbside pickup! Woot woot!

Let’s take another gander shall we? I know I’m corny, try explaining to your 5 year old what gander means.


Guess I shoulda’ bought that pnuematic reupholster stapler, this is my next project that I picked up a garage sale Saturday morning. The lady who I bought her from said she sat in her bedroom for a year like this. It looks like she has been reupholstered several times and is a little sad looking. Tufting anyone?

Bless, Lisa

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