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Some Pretty Pictures and a Bible Verse

Sweet Vintage English Toffee Can

China Cabinet I painted for my dining room
Vintage Repogle Globe I recently sold on Ebay
Milk glass fruit bowl for sale in my space at The Brick Basement                                                                                                                                                          

Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. 
John 14:6 
Before I became a Christian I thought that if we were just good people and tried to live our lives right and did the right thing then we (myself) would go to Heaven. I had many discussions with friends on this theory until one friend in particular asked her brother, who happened to be a pastor, if what we were discussing was true. His reply was “No” and he told me this…”Jesus does want you to be a good person but you also have to come to Him to get into heaven. Accept Him into your heart and believe that he died on the cross for your sins. That you are a sinner and repent for your sins (by simply confessing them to Him). He wants a personal relationship with you.”
Wow! So I did what he said to do and a beautiful, personal relationship has since transpired. A relationship that gives me hope and peace. Jesus wants a relationship with you too and the best thing is you can start today by accepting Him into your heart.

Bottled Water Bad For You?

Usually I write about something for your home or something crafty. But since I just watched a documentary about bottled water I feel it is my duty to get the word out.
Bottled water is bad for you! 
Have you ever had a friend come to your home and ask for a bottle of water? Well if you’re like me you usually don’t have any on hand because you’re too cheap to buy it. But since being pregnant I’ve bought more cases of bottled water than I ever have well just because it’s more convenient. Wrong! So here’s me thinking “oh yeah, I have bottled water – it’s in the fridge – help yourself!” Thinking I’m all convenient and helpful and smart because I’ve finally caught on to the bottled water trend. When really it’s a bunch of malarkey! 

Major points I’ve learned about bottled water:

1. It’s NOT regulated by the FDA. I repeat bottled water is not REGULATED. The only person that has to test it is the company that bottles it and do you think if it’s “bad” they’re really going to tell you and I who pay for it?  This means that your tap water is regulated and TESTED regularly by the FDA and they are VERY strict when it comes to our drinking water sources.

2. Many of the major bottled water companies actually “take” water from states that work hard to provide clean water for their residents even while some of these states are in “drought” situations.

3. There are only 11 states that offer to recycle your water bottles for a refund of your $.

4. The plastic used to  make water bottles is harmful to your health.

5. There have many bottled water recalls due to contaminants found in the bottled water, these include arsenic, benzene, and others.

6. If we stop consuming and paying for something we can get for free out of our tap “they” will stop making it and we’ll save $$$$$$$$.

7. Every day 30 million single-use water bottles end up in a land fill.

Listen people, I’m just sayin’ that if my 5 year old can watch a documentary and get the gist’ of it, then you can too.  At the end of the program he says “see Mama, they’re saying don’t drink water out of plastic, it’s not good for you”. The wisdom of a 5 year old – so simple and so true.

Just a few lessons I’ve learned tonight. Now I’m off to find myself and my familia’ 4 “reusable” bottles we can put tap water in.

For more info please go to

Be Blessed and water bottle-less,

xoxo Lisa