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Social Media – How Much Is Too Much?

     As I write this post I am reminded that today I was supposed to tell you about my stainless steel curbside find. Well obviously that isn’t finished but I promise to update you soon. It’s not going well though. Heads up – don’t use 60 grit sandpaper on galvanized metal or you may not have any galvanized in your metal left! LOL….Anywho so social media it is.

     I have a problem with my laptop. I think I am connected to it. I KNOW I am connected to it. And not in a good way.  I LOVE social media. First off let’s define what social media is ….
     …”Social media includes web- and mobile-based technologies which
are used to turn communication into interactive dialogue among
organizations, communities, and individuals.
Andreas Kaplan
and Michael Haenlein define social media as “a group of Internet-based
applications that build on the ideological and technological foundations
Web 2.0, and that allow the creation and exchange of user-generated content.”[1] I.e. Social Media are social software
which mediate human communication. When the technologies are in place,
social media is ubiquitously accessible, and enabled by scalable
[clarification needed]
communication techniques. In the year 2012, social media became one of
the most powerful sources for news updates through platforms like
Twitter and Facebook.” (source)
social media

     WHOA….”powerful sources”, that term scares me just a little. Considering we all check our phones, email, facebook status, pinterest account, etc., etc., several times a day this social media thing can be very powerful and time consuming. I think back to the days when I was a secretary for a large company and it seems as though I spend as much time as my 8 hour secretarial days checking and responding, replying, pinnning, blogging, LOOKING, Googling and commenting as I did at work. So is this social media thing harming us or helping us? 

    I look around some days and see lots and lots of people heads down and eyes zoned on their phones little tiny screens trying to be connected to all those out there on their social media sites and I think to myself why not just be happy with being connected to that person sitting next to you who is supposed to be enjoying your company. It pains me and makes me feel nauseated to realize that some days, most days, this is me. I am also that person glued to my phone. I try to remember this as I am out with family and friends. I recently had a visit from a cousin who lives far far away in South Africa. I don’t get to see him very often and we get along very well and I have a lot of fun with him. I enjoy his company and things he has to say. So it was a wake-up for me when we were sitting in a cafe in Las Vegas and I was intently staring at my phone screen and he said to me, quite forcefully, put that thing AWAY! What? Me? Who are you talking to? LOL Yes you! And he said this more than once. So obviously he thought that more than the few times he actually verbalized that thought to me. 

     So what to do? How do we limit our time on this social media whirlwhind, timesucker thingy? Especially when there are so many things to look up, google, connect, respond, comment to? I have no idea. And that’s partially why I’m writing this piece. How do you limit your time on this social media thingy? And am I even talking about the right thing? I know I’m not the only one. Can you be addicted to Google? Googling???? Is there a rehab for this? Do I need rehab for this? LOL…this is weird. Especially since I so resisted getting a cell phone so many years ago. I did NOT want to be contacted at any moment when any person felt like they needed to know my whereabouts. And not because I’m some secret agent man. Because I screen my phone calls at home. I’m very hard to get a hold of and some days, most days, I like it that way. I felt, I feel an invasion of privacy. An invasion on my time. I like to be alone. Thus, this is probably why I struggle DAILY with the battle of depression. Because I SO ENJOY my time alone.  Anywho, again, I am getting off topic. 
      “Technology is creating a lot more time-wasting in the workplace,” Pychyl says. “You Google something you’re thinking about or decide you’ll only take a minute to check out Facebook.
The problem for people who are easily distracted or who procrastinate
is that it’s like someone with a gambling problem moving to Las Vegas.
It’s a hard temptation to resist.”
source Wow…I really resonate with that quote.
    “While Pychyl says that we all need a break from work every once in a
while to recharge our batteries, surfing online at work “is a huge
slippery slope” for those who have a problem staying on task or avoiding
work they dislike.”

     And that one. Now I’m not at a proper work place yet I do consider myself to be working throughout the day as a Stay At Home Mom. So how much time do I get to be on my laptop and peruse, browse the internet, facebook, pinterest, blogs and the like? How much time do you allow yourself? I’m curious to know.

     In fact I like that whole article. If you resonate with this post then you should probably check it out. It then goes on to talk about limiting time and if you can’t you can download an app that will help track how much time you spend and where. Wow…don’t know if I WANT to know. 

Thoughts? Comments? Tips?

Now I must go and get my 6 year-old off MineCrafter…..LOL. I have a feeling this limiting computer time is going to be a battle I’m not the only one battling and it will be with us for the rest of our lives. Maybe not so LOL

Be Blessed…

Curbside Find: Stainless Steel Table : Part 1

I’ve decided on a weekly post that will be appropriately named Curbside Find. Especially since I am the queen of curbside finds in my neighborhood. My husband and my children are not especially proud of this little quirk of mine. But they do know that at any given time while driving around my tires may come to a screeching halt if some treasure happens to come into view on the edge of the curb in the distance.

Last week while on a date no less with my hubs we happened to come across a silvery glow at the side of the curb along with a pile of old mattresses. Now I’m not that bad as to get some old dusty mattresses but any sort of table or chair is usually going to end up in the back of the Burb no matter how old or dusty.

Alas we came across a stainless steel commercial kitchen table that prolly long ago looked something like this….


Now it doesn’t look so pretty and shiny. But it does have some wonderful rust on the bottom shelf and I think it adds to the charm of it. Of course you may think what will I do with it? Well….I have a few ideas….

Check back tomorrow for Curbside Find Make-over Part II!

Be Blessed,

Historic Anaheim Promenade gets a Facelift!

     Today was the day for the Anaheim Flea Market in Historic Anaheim on the Promenade. I marked it into my phone calendar 3 weeks ago and have been waiting patiently ever since.  I have never been to this flea and thus I went with camera in hand to take pretty pictures of all of the lovely things for sale there. 

     NOT! I showed up and it wasn’t there! What? Did I have the day wrong? The time? Usually this only happens with my kids and parties they are invited to. You know…wrong day, wrong time…”come back tomorrow” (weird look and shake of their head). 

     But no, they had simply moved the date because the Promenade is being revamped into a cool shopping district. So I decided to take pictures anyway and this is what I got.

118 degrees Cafe.

This is the other side of the building across from the one below with the “Good Food” sign.
I’m assuming a new restaurant.

They had these benches everywhere made to look like an “A” at the end. So very unique!

I think these are apartments. It looks like they had a wedding reception in the courtyard the night before. I love the rows of white lights.
Fountain in the Plaza Courtyard.
Home Economics, this looks like a cool store. It seems they are already open down the street with a smaller shop but the newer, larger space is still being revamped and is not yet open. They seem to have a lot of handmade items from local crafters and artisans. 
I love this name. The Good, Californian Haberdashery. I wonder what it will contain?
Same store. The Good, Dry Goods & General Store. What might it be?
This is right next door. What a fabulous idea a Barber and Bar all in one! The Barbeer. I know my hubs will want to try this out. Inside it looks old fashioned and simple, just the way I like it. I love the color combo of Hunter Green and Gold Lettering.

Again, the same shop. Barbeer Shop, Cut & Beer. This is the logo in the front window.
This is next door to the above two shops. Heart & Sole, A Good Company. How smart is the logo? A heart and two shoes crossed over one another. Love the blue and gold signage. 

     Street corner of S. Lemon and Center St. Promenade. I love the antique light post and the contrast between the blue and white street signs. And don’t forget those beautiful California Palm Trees in the background.

      I wonder if these lamps are antique? I just had to include a picture of them against the backdrop of that beautiful blue California sky.
     I hope you enjoy these pics. I can’t wait for these new shops to open! Oh yeah and The Anaheim Flea Market has been postponed until September 23rd. I will be back for that too. 
Be Blessed…

Curbside Find! Wing Back Chair Re-upholster

I found a chair on the curb last year that I cautiously picked up and threw in the back of my SUV. Of course it sat in my garage forever and a day. It lasted through many garage clean-outs and suggestive “are you gonna get rid of that chair yet”? from the other half. I wasn’t ready to tackle it but I didn’t want to give up on the possiblity of reupholstering this chair that was destined for the dump. Really the possiblity of could I really do it? was what kept it sitting in the corner. 
So I was

A Church Rummage Sale

Milk Paint – Miss Mustard Seed Yellow PreOrder now

   Tomorrow is the biannual church rummage sale here in Yorba Linda. This is a great opportunity to find some unique pieces to upcycle and redecorate. I am definitely on the lookout for some vintage and antique furniture to paint with Miss Mustard Seed’s new paint line….I can’t wait to try it out. Especially this fabulous butter yellow color. It’s available as a preorder on this Etsy site. I have been following Miss Mustard Seed for a few years now and it’s been great to watch her grow and read her daily furniture and decor posts. She definitely is a gal who I could be great friends with. We have a lot in common…..moms, believers in Christ, furniture DIY crazy, bloggers, and the thrill of the hunt for a good yard sale. 

Good luck Miss Mustard Seed! I hope your paint moves mountains in many homes!

Twine Wrapped Vase a la’ Pottery Barn

I was perusing my latest PB magazine when inspiration hit me! Smack in the head! Ouch! Lol…anyway I have to amuse myself right? Right!

This is from the “Wiktionary”

Inspiration or Inspire may refer to:

  • Artistic inspiration, sudden creativity in artistic production
  • Biblical inspiration, the doctrine in Judeo-Christian theology concerned with the divine origin of the Bible
  • Creative inspiration, sudden creativity when a new invention is created
  • Inhalation, the movement of air into the lungs, breathing in

 You don’t actually have to see something to directly copy you can just see something that can inspire your own take on it. Which is how it usually happens with me.  You know all those ugly glass vases you have in your cupboard? Why not make them pretty and useful so you can actually feel good about putting them out in your home.

My Aching Back

Today I threw out my back. Just as quick as that I came up and went back down. Like a sniper hit me. Down for the count. Lucky for you and me that I now get to sit all day and Pinterest. Here are a few inspiring things I found for my new look.

A Makeover!

Let’s talk about makeovers shall we? No, not your skin peel, make-over look 20 years younger, new hair-cut makeover! My make-over. Design, blog, jewelry, business card, logo make-over! Yes, it’s coming. It’s in the works and on it’s way. From a sweet little gal in Chicago who is into design as much as I am. And, she just happens to be husband’s cousin. She’s working on my “mood board” as we speak. I’m so excited I can hardly sleep. When she sent me this today I just about cried. My very own domain name. How amazing, it’s happening. I’m so excited. Yay me! And I’d like to take you along for the ride. Keep checking back for more updates on our make-over progress!

And just because you can’t write a blog post without some pretty pictures here are a few pics of my latest obsession/must have/must find on Craigslist –              

A Clean Home vs. Following Your Dreams

J. Lo’s pretty and CLEAN house.
My number one dilemma in this season of my life, and I’m totally not even joking here, is to clean my house or follow my dreams. I know this sounds bizarre and cuckoo like no other but typing it out on the page makes it seem even weirder. 
All my life I have been a cleaner, a clearer-outer, a dumper, definitely NOT a hoarder. I’ve scrubbed friends refrigerators out since I was a wee lass (for fun mind you!). I’ve made chore charts for my kids. When we sold our last house I was on hands and knees cleaning out the sliding door railing with q-tips no less! I could go on and on. 
But honestly what is wrong with me? I’ve been in therapy ALOT! Lol and it goes something along the lines of liking to be in control of  my surroundings at all times. HMMMM…..maybe that’s why I don’t like to fly anymore, hello….so not in control of the airplane.
Which brings me to my current and lasting Forever dilemma. This cleaning habit of mine definitely does not allow for following my dreams. So what’s a girl to do? I do have cleaners 2x month. I even have a lady to do the laundry! (Thanks Martha…angel from Heaven). Honestly what do I do? I’ve tried ignoring it. I’ve tried handing out chores to the kids. I’ve even tried taking out all of the pretty things in my house so there is less to clean and organize. Just about all I can think of is to work outside of the home. Which brings me to the garage and when I go out there I end up cleaning that too! Yikes!!!
Does anyone else have this problema?