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SHARPIE Paint Oil-Based Paint Marker Review

I’ve been a little quiet lately in blogger land but I’m still crafting and DIY’ing my little heart out. I have a big surprise for you. But more on that later!

I have a review today on Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker. I’ve been using them for a while now to do some signs and they work great! I’ve only used the white and the black so far but I aim to use all the colors. Hear that Sharpie? I WANT to use all the colors…you can send some to me to test out on my super cool wood signs.

Anywho, they really work great and the color lasts for a long time. 

I noticed them a while ago at my local Joann’s Craft and Fabric Store. I kept asking the girls at the counter if any of them had used them yet and they kept saying No. So I decided to give the Sharpie Paint Marker a whirl for myself.

I have been using the black Sharpie Paint Marker in Medium Point. It outlines my stencils well with little to no bleeding and then I fill in the lines. It smells like regular Sharpie but looks a little glossy which is what an oil based paint is supposed to look like.

I really like the steady control the Sharpie Paint Marker gives me vs.  a regular paint brush.  It’s super easy to get into tight corners and have my letters appear perfect. 

I am still using the first Sharpie Paint Marker I bought in black and I’ve done quite a few wooden signs with it. Its still going strong.

I’m super excited to use all of the colors. Now I can coordinate my sign color to my lettering color. Yay!

How To: Union Jack Dresser Tutorial

I have been wanting to attempt a Union Jack Dresser Makeover ever since I saw Miss Mustard Seed’s….

And lately they have been all over Pinterest. So I decided today was the day to go for it! I also wrote a tutorial along the way because I couldn’t find one. There are a few ways to do it but since I’m English I decided to be true to my homeland and do it the right way. I’m not saying another way isn’t right I’m just saying I wanted to follow an accurate drawing. So I used this one

This is from a website called There is a lot of good info there about how this Union Jack is correct and some others aren’t. It also has a good history of how the Union Jack came to be. Very interesting!

The Union Jack is all straight edges and angles. Just like English folk, LOL….I can say that I’m English…..double LOL. Thus you will need a straight edge (I used my husbands level) for this project. FYI this is my 2nd attempt at this and it is a little daunting but well worth it.


1. Long ruler or level (straight edge)
2. Frog tape or painters tape
3. A dresser! or you can just make a sign or paint it on a box, a wall, etc…
4. pencil or chalk
5. second smaller ruler
6. paint (3 colors)
7. patience!

It would be a good idea to read through all of the directions first and look at the website mentioned above. Study it for a few minutes and familiarize with the lines of the flag. They are not even mirror images of one another (left vs. right). Which as a child I can remember this bothered me very much. I wanted each side to match! But they don’t. Anywho onto directions….


1. Draw a straight line from corner to corner, twice. Like this:

2. Draw 6 more corner to corner lines, mine are 1/2″ apart. Make two dots at either corner and line them up. Like this:

3. Do the same from the other corner. So you should have a bunch of lines like this:

4. In the middle of  all the stripes you should have made a bunch of diamonds. Count in 2 diamonds from the left corner and draw a line thru the point where the 2nd diamond ends and the 3rd one begins, line up all diamonds above and below this point with your straight edge. When you line the diamonds up you are going to go thru the middle of all of them above and below.  Mark a line:

5. Do the exact same thing to the other side, this is to make the Cross of St. George, the large red cross in the middle of the flag. Count in 2 diamonds from the right and line them up thru the middle of the diamonds above and below and mark a line all the way from top to bottom of your top of dresser. You should have two lines in the middle running vertically.

6. Now make the horizontal line of the Cross of St. George by going thru the top of the very tippy top diamond from left point to right point.  Use your straight edge to go all the way across. Measuring the thickness of your vertical line and that’s how wide your horizontal line will be. Mark a line.

This is not going to be completely even on all points, just try and do the best you can. Its supposed to be as twice wide as it is high. So unless your piece of furniture is exact then that’s why it won’t be totally even. But it will still look great and hopefully no one is going to measure your Union Jack table!

You should have this so far:

See how I made a few mistakes and tried to erase my lines? Chalk paint isn’t very forgiving when it comes to erasing. But this will be covered by paint anyway. My diamonds are not perfectly in the middle but we won’t be looking at diamonds once it’s all painted.

If you need another point to make a straight even horizontal line what I did was use my little ruler to measure from the top of my level (straight edge)while it was lined up on the center diamond to the upper edge of the dresser. I did this on both sides and made a mark and then joined the two points.

7. So know all you have to do is a few more lines. Now the lines around the Cross of St. George, (the shadow lines if you will) are approximately a 1/3 of the size of the Cross. Don’t lose me here, almost done. So if my cross measures 3″ my shadow line is going to be 1″ wide. So mark those now, they go all the way around. Like this:

I used chalk for this because my pencil lead was gone at this point and I had a piece of chalk laying around, now I wish I would of used chalk for this whole thing as the pencil is going to be hard to erase. Oh well that’s what paint is for right?

Now at this point you’ve marked everything out and you just have to paint. My dresser is gray so I want to use blue and white for my flag with the gray as the 3rd color. Whatever you choose you should use 3 colors that complement one another. Or don’t it’s your choice.

This is where the FrogTape comes in. I used my FrogTape to mark off the lines I want to paint first. Start with your inside lines first.

8. Mark lines of St. Georges’ Cross with FrogTape and then  paint. I’m using gray here which is the same color as my dresser but since I have so many pencil lines I’m going to give it another coat.

9. Pull off FrogTape immediately when done painting. I use ASCP because I love how fast it dries and I can move on! See here:

10. Now you are ready to start working on the triangular shapes within the flag. Start with upper left corner. Remember all those annoying lines well here is when we are going to use them.

11. Tape off  lines for the triangular shapes. For me these are going to be ASCP duck egg blue.This diagram is really helpful for taping off lines. So depending on what colors you are using follow the diagram below. My blue will coincide with the blue in the original flag below. Be sure to use your lines and double check the diagram before taping.

 Once finished you should have 8 triangular shapes painted. I only completed 5 here, but was anxious to see what it looked like so I started pulling off tape before I was done painting.

 When you are pulling off old tape lines please pull gentle. If your other paint isn’t dry then it may peel a little and you don’t want that unless you are planning on heavily distressing the whole piece. Which for me after all this work I do not want to do! But I did end up going back over the parts that came off with a little angled paintbrush for touch ups.

12. Now you should wait for your paint to dry a little more before taping off the 3rd set of lines. Again refer to the diagram above for taping off your 3rd set of lines. Mine will be painted in ASCP Antique White. Similar to white in the original flag.

Picture of 3rd set of taped off lines here:

I think I’m ready to paint. All I can say is keep referring back to the above diagram of the flag. Even if you think you’ve taped it all right. There were a lot of times I thought I had taped everything right and then I looked again at the diagram and I was so wrong. Also when fitting your tape to a specific section it helps to use your ruler as a straight edge and gently, with a razor blade, cut off your sections you need to go into a tight corner. See picture below of how I did this:

Be gentle, remember you are making a cut along an edge you’ve already painted. It doesn’t take much pressure to cut through the tape and it should just pull apart.

Once you are all taped up and you’ve checked and checked again you are ready for your 3rd paint color! Good luck and I hope it turns out great! I know I am so excited about how mine turned out. I love it.

Oh yeah and here’s a before picture. This too was a curbside find!

Now I just need to figure out where to put it….

Be Blessed XO, Lisa

** Please, I am in no way a professional painter, just a girl who likes to find trash and make it pretty. Proceed at your own risk and have fun!

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Favorites From Pinterest

Its pretty funny that you can tell the sort of person you are from what you “pin” on Pinterest
If you look at your boards or pins it becomes obvious what moves you, what you’d like to be, who’d you like to emulate or what you want to try.

I’d like to be someone who works her —- off like this pretty lady. 
Most of the time I do a pretty good job of it.  

I like funny and sweet, surprising moments.

I love pretty hair and I’d love to have more of it, like this amazing hair.
I like cool tips that make my life easier such as placing a wooden across the top of a pan of boiling water and it won’t boil over. 
A- may – zing! It works too.
 I tried it. 

I like simple and clean jewelry like this amazing robe bracelet made out of an
 old shopping bag handle.
 How resourceful is that?

I really love Jennifer Aniston’s style. I have loads of pins of her outfits. Not just the clothes, she’s actually wearing them so I guess I have lots of pins of her. Again, clean, simple, neat. I see a pattern emerging here.

Lots of white, beige and soft interiors.

Dreamy and soft…

Again….love her…and what she’s got to say about body image.

If you know me you know I heart stripes…love this dress.

I think I really want a tattoo….just a small one though….

A family that prays together….stays together.
 I ♥ this picture. Great family portrait idea.

So what do your Pinterest pins say about you?
Take a moment and look back thru them. Report back to me, I’d like to know.

Be Blessed xo Lisa

Lego Sack For Jack!

I have been wanting to make this Lego Sack forever and a day ever since I saw it over at Make It Perfect
I finally got up the courage to do it. See I’m not much of a sewer. I don’t really like to measure stuff and I can never usually find my sewing scissors unless I go out into the backyard and dig through the dirt. If you have a boy you are nodding your head right now. 
But hey, I finally figured out how to keep my sewing scissors all my own ( I hide them!) and I had some great fabric and I was tired of stepping on Legos in my bare feet – Ouch!
Now I didn’t write a tutorial, I suggest you follow the smart ladies over at Make It Perfect. It was well written and even I could follow it. I just took a few pics of my sewing experience.
 Measuring – I know….I had to do it or it wasn’t going to work!
This is actually a cool way to cut out a perfect circle. Fold your fabric in 4 and measure out from the lower left corner the same length at several different intervals.
Awww….I just realized I have on my Duran Duran John Taylor tee in this pic…..I should have been facing forward so you could see all of his awesomeness! I heart him foreva!
So once you make your little marks all the way from the right to the left you should have half an arc (?) and then….
you just cut around, going through all four layers of material and NOT scratching the dining table with your sharp mom sewing scissors.
I think #1 Daughter got a little carried away with the “cutting” pics. It’s a miracle I tore her away from the Disney Channel for so long!
Yay! A circle!
See how it’s quartered when you unfold it? Yea – that doesn’t really mean anything…
Put atop (like that word? yea – me too! :)) your other fabric. This is an old shower curtain from PB I bought years ago on sale or clearance or something. I had two, the other panel is now gracing my outdoor bar chairs that I recovered. And now I have none! Anywho…cut your other circle by following your first pretty circle.
Now you put a button hole here and on the other side directly across from it. About 2 inches in. Make sure they are directly across from one another. For more specific direction please see Make It Perfect’s tut!
Wow! My first buttonhole thingy made with my sewing machine. I am so proud of myself! This is where your drawstring will go once it’s all sewn together. 
 The other one…twins!
Put your circles back together. Inside out. Right sides facing each other. Top facing top. I know this concept took me  a long time to get. Told you I am not a sewer. You’re almost there….
Pin. Now I don’t like pinning because it’s too much prep work for me. But you pretty much just have to suck it up and do it. If you want it to work out. Nicely that is…. At this point I must have forgot to take pics because I don’t have anymore. But you sew all the way around the edge, save for a few inches where you turn it inside out or right side in. Whatever. Sew all the way around the edge. Don’t forget the few inches to turn it out! 
Turn it out and tuck your few inches in and sew those. Then sew all the way round again but make sure you are sewing past your buttonhole. This is making the casing for your drawstrings. Capeche? If not see this ladies instructions. She is a much finer sewer than I.
Put in your drawstring. We used some leftover cording from my wingback chair recover. Another post I haven’t gotten around to writing yet. Use a big safety pin to thread it through your pretty button holes.
Yay! Done!
Other side
This is Jack Attack. He loves his Lego Sack!
Make one – your piggies will thank you. 
And you will thank you for finally figuring out how to use that buttonhole thingy, it really is easy. 
 So weird.
 Since I made this he actually enjoys keeping his masses of Lego’s  together. And he’s told all his friends about it! I think I might be making a few of these for some Bday parties coming up. I’m not sure if the kid will love it but I’ll be a star in the mom’s eyes! LOL
Be Blessed! XOXO Lisa

Product Review

So doing as much painting as I do I sure make a real mess! This is one of the reasons my husband does not like what I do. I shouldn’t say doesn’t like my hobbies of choice,  I just mean it pains him, literally, to see me outside with a paint brush in my hand especially since I’m usually wearing new clothes and I should be inside cleaning or something! LOL not really he’s not that cave man-like, well, sorta’….
 Anywho as you should know by now I have no patience and when I wanna do something I just wanna’ do it already. I absolutely do not like prep-work, it takes waaaay too long. So that means no tarp, no paint clothes, no gloves, no goggles, usually no measuring (though I usually have my trusty Ray-Bans on), etc.
So in saying all this I am a real clean freak. I know! Doesn’t really jive well together, right? Right! So I do spend a lot of time cleaning up after myself. Now my husband hates our concrete driveway and he plans (not me) to get a new one real soon. I’m against this plan as it costs as much for a new concrete driveway as it does for a college tuition. The old one will do just fine thank you very much! AND if we get a new one I am NEVER going to be allowed to paint AGAIN!!!! Not OK with me.
 So I’m going off in the wrong direction again. Which brings me to my point. To get back in the good graces of the old man I went on a secret mission. For what you say? To clean up all those little paint spots all over the outside of our casa on the concrete. So at Home Depot I spied this ——
Isn’t the name cute? Pumie? It was pretty cheap, I want to say a couple bucks?
“Pumie Power Works when the strongest chemicals quit.” I will say this is why I was drawn to this particular product. I have 3 kids and I’m just not into chemicals. They make me dizzy and all that jazz. 
Here are said paint spots. We have stain spots and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Now I know ASCL is supposed to come off pretty easy but our concrete is old and I think it might even be porous? 
I wet down the stick like it said but it didn’t work so hot. So I wet down the concrete too….
much better.
I’m figuring this is the same concept as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which I adore. But much tougher. The stick seemed to wear down really quickly.
BUT! It did work and it left a funny gray, chalky paste which you just rinse away.
And there you have it. No more spots. The only problem was, once I was that close to the ground I realized how many paint spots are on the concrete. 🙁
Pumie – after one little area. It literally ate half of the stick. I should have bought 10!
Another Lisa Lee oops. This time white semi-gloss from last year. 
After a few scrapes of the sticks back and forth it started to disappear but it was a lot harder on this sort of concrete, I think because it is rougher and has more grooves.
 And see how it is actually cleaning the concrete? Maybe we don’t need a new driveway…just a whole lot of Pumie’s!
 My sad little stick after only two spots and the said paint offenders. 
Verdict? Pumie does work well and I like the fact it contains no chemicals. 
BUT you may need to buy quite a few to clean up your mess!
Be Blessed! XOXO Lisa
I was in no way paid or compensated for this product review.

What I’m Working On and Free Wood Makes Me Happy!

I’m sort of in the middle of a few projects right now. I’ve been especially inspired by the gal at Beyond The Picket Fence. She makes so many great things out of pallets and random free wood scraps. (my husband is so not happy about this…)
 I thought I’d share a few things with nothing in particular. Because as my 10 year old daughter tells me all the time “you don’t have to be so perfect all the time Mom!” yikes that kind of stings a little. But it’s true! So here’s me not being perfect!
 Yay! I think….????
A lovely, beautiful wood pallet that my not so happy husband brought home for me, he even brought two! Isn’t it pretty?
A hole in said pallet. Emma did not want this one as her bookshelf because of the hole. But I think it makes it even prettier!
My wonderful, awesome, new daddy, baby brother using the sawsall for me because I was afraid I’d chop off a leg! Isn’t he handsome?
Yay, one pallet bookshelf done. This is the one that didn’t make it past 1st daughters approval because “there’s a hole in it mom!”.
#1 daughter, slave labor. She’s so serious! I heart her, she’s pretty amazing…
So not perfect hands after staining, like my girlfriend said “don’t you wear gloves when you do that stuff?” Nope! I’m too impatient to bother and it looks pretty to me because I’ve been working with what the Lord gave me. I heart Him too.
And on to the greatest find ever! More free wood from the back of the new store across the street. Yes I gather up free wood from behind stores by the trash, thus the reason my husband is not so happy. I think he thinks I’m Sanford & Son. I think I think I’m Sanford & Son. Only Sanford & Daughter! LOL….I make myself laugh. Anywho I’m thinking a big toy box for daughter #2? Wonder if pallet lady at has a tut for that?
Yay! Almost completed pallet bookshelves, organizer thingys. You can do so many things with these. #1 daughters ended up on her desk in her room filled to the brim with electronic things and their miscellaneous cords. I also attached clothespins to the four front posts so she can clip pics of her and her besties. Its so cute!
And in going with the scheme of not being perfect, I did not photoshop any of these pics. Double yay! Because as I said earlier I am so not patient with those sorts of things.
Have a great imperfect day!
Be Blessed! 
Love, Lisa

New Logo

Please vote for your favorite logo. I’m in the middle of a revamp and need your comments. My new logo will be on my blog, business cards, etsy site and gift tags.
 Any input is appreciated!







Be Blessed! xo

What I did today

Just a quick blurb and a pic! This is what I worked on over the weekend. I think it turned out pretty amazing!

Thanks to my brother for bring over the Sawsall! Man those things are dangerous! I would like one in a mini version that I don’t feel will chop my leg off please!
There were a lot of power tools that went into the making of this little upcycled pallet family picture frame. It measures over 4 feet long! But I so love it and am planning on making more. Stay tuned for the tutorial.
Be Blessed!

13 DIY Pallet Ideas

1. Pallet Planter
2.  Pallet Picture Rack
3. Pallet Coffee Table
4. Pallet Book Shelf
5. Pallet Family Picture Gallery♥
 6. Pallet Planter
7. Pallet Sofa
8. Pallet Compost Bin ♥
 I will definitely be trying this one with untreated pallet wood
9. Union Jack Pallet Coffee Table
10. Pallet Island from Beyond The Picket Fence
11. Pallet Word Wall
12. Pallet Bench (again from Beyond the Picket Fence) what can I say she is the Pallet Queen! She has all sorts of Pallet advice on her blog
13. Another pallet coffee table ( I love the stain)

DIY – Girls Skirt Tutorial

I am in no way a sewer but lately I’ve been feeling the itch to figure it out. So I hunted around the fabric store today with my 10 year old to find a fabric to make into a skirt for her. 

This is what we picked

The fabric she picked is pretty cute and I THOUGHT it would be easy to work with. BBBUUUUTTTT it was a little tricky. I still managed to come up with a finished product but it is in no way perfect. Yet she still loves it!