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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Locally Handmade Jewelry

1. YOU can support your local community.

2. Handcrafted has soul & is made with love.

3. Adjustments can be made easily.

4. Returns can be made quickly.

5. Face to face contact with an artisan.

6. You can have a custom made piece all your own.

7. OOAK means “one of a kind” as in no one else has the same piece as you.

8. You don’t follow the crowd.

9. You can start a trend.

10. Because it’s better.


How To Elevator Pitch – Part II

Ready for it? Think I have my Elevator Pitch completed. This came to me just as I was dozing off last night, of course, so I had my husband who was still up on his Ipad write it down for me…thanks babe!

“Hi my name is Lisa Lee. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful babies and wife to one tall roofing contractor. In order to keep from losing my sanity on a daily basis I try to incorporate creativity into my everyday life. I’m an avid DIY’er who specializes in recycling and upcycling cast off furniture pieces with a little paint and staple gun. I also love interior design  and jewelry design.  I write about all of this on my blog…”
What do you think? I’m not sure I can actually “pitch” this in a elevator. Maybe out to left field? Lol…did Martha Stewart have to write an elevator pitch?….. 


F.Y.I ~ I am not a sewer. Buuuuuuuuttttt something tells me I might become one. Now I like projects that bring quick satisfaction. You know – immediate gratification and all. Plus I have to be able to finish in under an hour because that’s about when someone in my family comes looking for me. I can only hide out for so long. So with that said I want to introduce to you my latest and greatest project………pillows!

Yay, now I can change out all of my ugly pillows that came with my new couch and make them pretty. But of course before I do that I have to sell some in the shop.

Elevator Pitch

So I’m working on 31 Days to Build a Better Blog by Darren Rowse. I don’t know if you’ve heard of it. But with so many blogs out there I’m trying to become the best at what I do. And this guy, Darren Rowse, is supposed to know how to do that. So I’m giving it a go!

The first day of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog is where I’m supposed to write my Elevator Pitch. So for instance if I were to meet someone in an elevator I would basically be able to tell them what my blog is about within the time span to get to our destination floor…about 30 seconds….thus an elevator pitch. Genius. Because there have been many times when I have wondered exactly what is it that I do? And if I don’t know then you, my reader, aren’t going to know either. 
So what do I do? 
Well, I love to grab stuff off the curb and upcycle it into its fabulous former glory. I design and make jewelry. I thrift and yard sale. I love to rearrange furniture and decorate my house. I also like to sew. Hmmmm….that’s alot of stuff….and a lot of words.  Oh yeah and I like to take pictures of that stuff I just listed…Oh my this is going to be hard.
Maybe if I list it out…
1. Upcycle Curbside Furniture
2. Design and make jewelry
3. Thrift, Flea and Yard Sale
4. Interior Design and display
5. Sew
6. Photography
7. Write about all of it!
Makes a little more sense that way. This is also supposed to be 150-200 words. A short description and also a longer description if someone wants to know more about me and what my blog is about. 
I love fashion, DIY, interior design, painting furniture, thrifting, making jewelry and writing. So in short I like to be creative. 
I’m supposed to keep writing about what I do until it makes sense to me. Which in a way is good because like I said earlier I have a hard time explaining myself to others.   
Sometimes I have a hard time explaining myself to myself. Lol…

Hopefully tomorrow I have a completed elevator pitch. I will let you know. I will work on it tomorrow. 

Be Blessed, 


“Be anxious for nothing, but everything in prayer and supplication”.  Phil 4:6