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Something Borrowed Something Vintage Update

So here we are almost one month out from opening up my dream shop. The temporary sign went up last night and I couldn’t be happier.


I leave for “train the trainer” training at Unfolded headquarters (the distributor for Annie Sloan Chalk® Paint)  in 2 weeks. I will keep you posted with lots of pics thru my Instagram account. 

I have been cleaning and scrubbing the floors at the new shop. Honestly, my hands have never hurt so much.

10947328_815291801892847_8157901407254886387_nIf you want to know how to get thinset concrete off of brick pavers please ask me. I tried everything! When it comes down to it. Oh Henry adhesive remover and a 2 inch razor scraper did the most good.

10351878_815300678558626_7904669205927033231_nAt the very end I rented a floor polisher from Home Depot with a diamond bit grinder. It worked but it was dusty and messy. It ground down the thinset as well as all the brick and still didn’t get into the mortar lines between the bricks.  Which I chipped away.


I’ve also been working on these beauties which are driving me bananas! I had a vision but then I lost it. So I’m leaving it for a few days and I’ll come back to it which usually works for my vision block. LOL

IMG_8003We’ve added another workshop by the beautiful and talented Sara Kim of Handcrafted by Sara Kim. Big Paper Flowers!  In this workshop she will guide us through making huge paper flowers. Which are great for decorating a photo wall at a wedding or shower. Decorating a room (I’m planning on making several for the new shop wall). Please join us as we’ll be in our new space by then and it will be the inaugural workshop with drinks to boot!

Today I am meeting with the sign guy to get our new sign in the front of the shop.  At least its not a day where I’ll be down on my hands and knees chipping at concrete! Whew! Theres a lot going on but I love it all and am so blessed!




Annie Sloan Chalk Paint© Stockist

Hi friends, I’m so excited to announce that Something Borrowed Something Vintage is an approved Annie Sloan Chalk Paint© Stockist!


It was such a great process and everyone at Unfolded, who is the distributor for Annie Sloan here in the US,  was so helpful.

I CAN NOT WAIT to go to the training in New Orleans. Which is where Unfolded has its headquarters. I will for sure be taking tons of pics and updating you all about the wonderful people I meet and everything that takes place.

Our new location here in Yorba Linda, California is coming along. We got our hot little hands on the keys to the new shop and in no less than 2 hours we started demo on some interior walls that will be our future boutique floor space!


There is Mr. SBSV looking not too happy with a hammer in hand! I promise he’s pretty cute and wont try and demo you when you come in to the shop! 🙂



And these two little cuties are just checking on Mr. SBSV’s work to make sure its done right! Thats my baby girl and my brothers son who when I told him we were gonna’ have a “hammer party” said “alwight!” with a little fist pumping action.  These two little “helpers” get up to some wild shenanigans and I promise you WILL see them at the new shop when we open in March.

I am working on my shop counters and of course they are recycled and from an old shop that is closing down in the next town over. I just love a deal and making something my own with some wood and paint. And the best part is they’re on wheels!!!



They’re super sturdy and big which is awesome since they will be seeing alot of action (i hope) and I like room to spread out. I’m planning on putting a false front on with some trim and beadboard. The other side is open shelving too which will be facing in for storage, tissue paper, bags, etc. And the best part is there’s two of them so one will be behind me against the wall for extra storage and the other will be in front for a real live counter! Anyway thats the plan for now and I’m sure it will change as I come up with other ideas. I will keep you posted on their progression.


And I’ll leave you with a little sneak peak of the front of the shop with my banner I photoshopped in. Ha! Doesn’t it look fun? Im so excited for our Grand Opening party in March! I wish you all could be there! 10885035_810317135723647_4746534488390872812_n


Cheers and Blessings!



I recently came across a new site that I adore! Its called Minted. Its all about custom stationary and artwork.

As mentioned in a previous post I’m going to be opening up a new boutique in my hometown. I’m super excited to get into the space and decorate. Since I was born in England I’m thinking about getting their foil pressed art print of the British Isles.


Prints are available framed or unframed, in multiple sizes.

And for all you brides to be out there check out their save the date cards. MIN-YVU-STD-001B_A_PDI love this one by GeekInk Designs. I’m a sucker for hand drawn vintage font.


AND! You guys! They have fabric!!

“Minted’s unique designs sourced from a global community of independent designers are now available on fabric. ”

Seriously! How does it get any more custom that this. I have the perfect chair for that pattern. So go check it out! Minted.


Cheers xoxo