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China Cabinet into a Farm Hutch

Today I did this! IMG_3630

I can’t say it was very easy.  But easy enough if you have a hammer and some tools. Be sure to wear safety goggles too!

Get a china cabinet. This one was really cute but it wasn’t selling in the shop so I thought I could at least make it into a usable display space by taking off the front.

I wanted it to look like a rustic farmhouse plate hutch. Something Joanna Gaines would use in a dining area or kitchen.

I removed all the glass doors first. I then basically took a chisel and a hammer and took off the rest of the  wood fronts. This did leave a bit of a divet where they were attached but I sanded it down and filled it with wood filler, sanded again, before painting. Paint the whole piece. For this piece I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® in Old White finished with a coat of wax.

I pried off the back piece of plywood with a screwdriver. I bought regular fence boards from Orchard,  stained them with a mix of Annie Sloan Dark Wax and Mineral Spirits (50/50), trimmed them to size and attached with my finish nailer. You could also use a hammer and small finish nails to attach if you don’t have a finish nailer.

This isnt going to come out perfect but I believe a farm hutch should have its imperfections. Character people!

Make sure you wear safety goggles too.

Happy to report this piece sold within a week!