30 Projects in 30 Days

Oh my, I’ve been super busy. Busier than normal. Like crazy busy. I will tell you all about the busyness later but here’s what is bugging me.

Unfinished Projects Galore!

Can someone just say ADD??? I have a kajillion projects going and they are ALL unfinished!!!

So I’ve decided to challenge myself with a 30 day project challenge. I will complete one project a day. It may be small or it may be large but I will finish one project a day for 30 days. Most of these I’ve already started. A few I’ve yet to start. And here is the biggest challenge. I will NOT bring anymore projects near my body until the 30 days is up.

You see I’m a hoarder.

A secret, free furniture hoarder. If it’s half doable and cute and free it usually ends up in the back of my truck. You know how when you watch hoarders some are super organized? Well that’s me. I just keep organizing and re-arranging the garage til’ everything looks neat and in it’s place. I just did it this morning after my latest garage sale jaunt. Oh my…

So that’s why its so important to me to get these furniture projects completed. Then I can go get more!!!

I’m excited for the challenge….BRING IT ON !!!

Be Blessed!


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