A Makeover!

Let’s talk about makeovers shall we? No, not your skin peel, make-over look 20 years younger, new hair-cut makeover! My make-over. Design, blog, jewelry, business card, logo make-over! Yes, it’s coming. It’s in the works and on it’s way. From a sweet little gal in Chicago who is into design as much as I am. And, she just happens to be husband’s cousin. She’s working on my “mood board” as we speak. I’m so excited I can hardly sleep. When she sent me this today  www.lisajaynelee.com I just about cried. My very own domain name. How amazing, it’s happening. I’m so excited. Yay me! And I’d like to take you along for the ride. Keep checking back for more updates on our make-over progress!

And just because you can’t write a blog post without some pretty pictures here are a few pics of my latest obsession/must have/must find on Craigslist –



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