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To Build a bookshelf!

When I started blogging I never dreamed of the things and projects I would be doing because of it. Life is a journey and I’m on the road bumps and surprises and all.

I have discovered that I am capable. I am capable of doing things I never dreamed possible. I am capable of bargaining with a vendor over a price on a piece of antique furniture I want to buy. I am capable of buying an expensive camera with money I earned from my little antique store business. I am capable of using a chop saw and a nail gun. I am even capable to go to Home Depot and not be intimidated by the wood guy who wants to know “what are ya’ gonna’ do with all that wood”?

So here’s to one more step in my journey. I am actually going to build a bookshelf from actual plans! I don’t know why this intimidates me so much. Probably because it’s viewed as a “man’s” hobby. But I thoroughly enjoy building things with my hands. When I was a little girl I used to “assist” my Dad in his projects around the house. You know holding the screwdriver, a piece of wood in place, etc. I was in awe of how he built “stuff”. Now it’s my turn and I’m so excited!

So wish me luck. This is what I’m building today.


This is the bookshelf that Whitney from the blog Shanty 2 Chic already built.

This is the “blueprint” if you will from Ana White. Another awesome lady who builds things.


Photo courtesy of Ana White. Click on the pic for the link.

I’ll let you know how it turns out!


xoxo Lisa


Historic Anaheim Promenade gets a Facelift!

     Today was the day for the Anaheim Flea Market in Historic Anaheim on the Promenade. I marked it into my phone calendar 3 weeks ago and have been waiting patiently ever since.  I have never been to this flea and thus I went with camera in hand to take pretty pictures of all of the lovely things for sale there. 

     NOT! I showed up and it wasn’t there! What? Did I have the day wrong? The time? Usually this only happens with my kids and parties they are invited to. You know…wrong day, wrong time…”come back tomorrow” (weird look and shake of their head). 

     But no, they had simply moved the date because the Promenade is being revamped into a cool shopping district. So I decided to take pictures anyway and this is what I got.

118 degrees Cafe.

This is the other side of the building across from the one below with the “Good Food” sign.
I’m assuming a new restaurant.

They had these benches everywhere made to look like an “A” at the end. So very unique!

I think these are apartments. It looks like they had a wedding reception in the courtyard the night before. I love the rows of white lights.
Fountain in the Plaza Courtyard.
Home Economics, this looks like a cool store. It seems they are already open down the street with a smaller shop but the newer, larger space is still being revamped and is not yet open. They seem to have a lot of handmade items from local crafters and artisans. 
I love this name. The Good, Californian Haberdashery. I wonder what it will contain?
Same store. The Good, Dry Goods & General Store. What might it be?
This is right next door. What a fabulous idea a Barber and Bar all in one! The Barbeer. I know my hubs will want to try this out. Inside it looks old fashioned and simple, just the way I like it. I love the color combo of Hunter Green and Gold Lettering.

Again, the same shop. Barbeer Shop, Cut & Beer. This is the logo in the front window.
This is next door to the above two shops. Heart & Sole, A Good Company. How smart is the logo? A heart and two shoes crossed over one another. Love the blue and gold signage. 

     Street corner of S. Lemon and Center St. Promenade. I love the antique light post and the contrast between the blue and white street signs. And don’t forget those beautiful California Palm Trees in the background.

      I wonder if these lamps are antique? I just had to include a picture of them against the backdrop of that beautiful blue California sky.
     I hope you enjoy these pics. I can’t wait for these new shops to open! Oh yeah and The Anaheim Flea Market has been postponed until September 23rd. I will be back for that too. 
Be Blessed…