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Grey Wood Stain Coffee table makeover

I recently received a free coffee table from my brother and sister-in-law. It has been in their house for quite some time and seen a few knock and bumps. But I happily took her off of their hands. My plan was to use some gray wood stain by Minwax to achieve the makeover look from my inspiration picture from a House Beautiful Magazine spread.IMG_5542


All I have is a picture of the drawer for the “before” shot.


This was my inspiration coffee table. I was a little confused how to achieve this paint finish. So I started by using some watered down white paint followed by gray wood stain by Minwax and lastly Annie Sloan Dark Wax. Followed by some sanding with fine grit sandpaper.


IMG_5549After! What do you think? I love it! At first it was a little too gray so I added some Annie Sloan Dark Wax and rubbed rubbed rubbed! Then I took fine grit sandpaper and sanded sanded sanded! Alot of the wax came off but it achieved the grainy look I was going for.IMG_5554IMG_5553

Once again

Before – – –


After – – –


IMG_5542¬†Now…about that couch…. ūüėČ

Be blessed xo


Bookcase Reveal

Hey party people, I’ve finished my Kentwood bookcase. I first saw this beauty on the crafty blog ¬†Shanty-2-chic.¬†They got their plans from Ana-White.¬†If you haven’t checked Ana’s site out you should. There are lots of super easy plans on how to build furniture and cool stuff.


It’s resting in my bedroom right now and I’m happy to say it’s looking good!


My bedroom and I have a love/hate relationship mainly with the hate component. It’s just one of those rooms that hasn’t “come together” for me yet. But it’s definitely getting there.


I used the stain Special Walnut by Minwax and finished it off with Annie Sloan Dark Wax.


I added a few hearts here for you! I love using Picmonkey to edit my photos. It’s free, you should try it!

So what do you think of my first MAJOR build?

Be Blessed. xoxo

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Side Table

This is one of my “fall” finds that I lucked upon at an estate sale on Monday. This is her “before”
¬†And this is her “after” one coat of Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint in Duck Egg. I did a light sanding before hand which I shouldn’t have because I sanded the top more heavily than the rest and now the colors that show through are different because of the color beneath the new coat of paint.

Close up of drawer. I kept the original hardware. You should have seen me after I finished sanding this morning, I was covered in blue dust!
If you’re interested in purchasing this little lady she will be available at The Brick Basement next week.¬†
Be Blessed!

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Shabby Chic Nursery Changing Table

“After” pic of the babies changing table. Of course I don’t have a before I’m too impatient. It was a stained oak, almost reddish color. I sanded it down, gave it two coats of primer and two coats of semi-gloss paint. I also added the¬† wood appliques’ on the front of the drawers and glass knobs.¬†

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Reupholstered Chair Part III

I can say that I’ve finished it and I am glad! Now I know why reupholstery costs so much! It is a lot of hard work. So let’s have a looksie shall we?


Add a little of this in French Gray

I dry brushed over it with Old White


Overall I’m very happy with how she turned out. I can say that I would love to get a pneumatic staple gun and I did go to Home Depot to check them out but they were $100+ and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to invest that sort of cash as I don’t know that I would reupholster enough furniture to make up for the cost. The hardest part, surprisingly, was tearing out all of the gazillion staples. The 2nd hardest part was restapling the canvas to the chair. My stapler is sort of clunky and didn’t fit into the little knooks and crannies. I also learned how to make double welting for this project which is super exciting for a nonsewer like me. My favorite part was the paint, probably because it took about 1/2 hour to paint and literally no time at all to dry brush. This was a super fun project and the best part was that she was a curbside pickup! Woot woot!

Let’s take another gander shall we? I know I’m corny, try explaining to your 5 year old what gander means.


Guess I shoulda’ bought that pnuematic reupholster stapler, this is my next project that I picked up a garage sale Saturday morning. The lady who I bought her from said she sat in her bedroom for a year like this. It looks like she has been reupholstered several times and is a little sad looking. Tufting anyone?

Bless, Lisa

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Reupholstered Canvas French Chair

Ok so my chair isn’t French nor is it reupholstered…..yet. But with a little help from this lovely ladies tutorials Miss Mustard Seed and a little courage I’m going to try. Here are a few inspirational pics…

Image La Bella


Image – La Bella
Image – Navy Bean

Image ?

God Bless,

xoxo  Lisa

Dining Room Makeover Part 1

Dining room before and afters Part 1.

I have a lot of reds, browns and gold color in my house which is what I’m starting to phase out.

The feeling of my house right now is stuffy and traditional. I would like to lighten it to make the rooms appear larger and bring in a mix of modern and lighter elements while still keeping some traditional pieces like this wood and wrought iron round wall hanging.

Paint swatches. We have up top Martha Stewart’s Blue Enamel and below Behr’s Light French Gray.

I’d like to replace the light fixture with a chandelier that is big enough for this room. When I bought this fixture I didn’t realize it was too small for this space so in the evening this room doesn’t get enough light.

 This one will do nicely. Somerset Cumberland Cabinet.
 Country Living. 
This has all the elements – my chair, cabinet and wall plates.
Sunset Magazine
I love the blue painted background of the inside of this cabinet.
I actually already have my china cabinet – it’s being repainted as we speak or after I finish typing and get back to working on it. I will reveal it soon.

¬†I want to add drapes and maybe a rug under the table. I’d like to do some sort of a plate wall scape like this

                                 Jeffrey Cross Sunset Magazine

Kelly Wearstler The Hotel Viceroy Santa Monica
Thread Banger

So what do you think of my paint choice? Behr’s Light French Gray. I love it, there is nothing more refreshing than a freshly painted room.

Dropcloth Curtains

I jumped on the dropcloth curtain bandwagon. And I think the people at the big orange place think I’m doing a lot of painting. Well actually I do a lot of painting but I’ll tell you more about that later. The curtains in my master bedroom have been temporary —- for THREE years!!! Red crushed velvet something or other that didn’t even come¬† close to hanging to the floor. They were supposed to be so temporary that I originally hung them with nails. Yep – just hammered ’em up. Once I got really tired of feeling really WT I hung them on rods telling myself again that this was only temporary.



 Well this is partially after because I did add two panels per window and I have no idea where that hideous ironing board cover came from. I also raised the curtain rod as high as possible to add more height to this room. An idea from the nester . Our ceilings are 8 ft and can seem pretty low sometimes. The furniture in this room is also what we bought when we lived in our other house which had large rooms and 10 ft ceilings. So this furniture is definitely too big for this room.

Anyhow the curtains were really easy to do.¬† I¬† washed them on the warm/cold cycle with detergent and a little bit of Resolve Spray (the only reason I used that is because it smells soooooo good) and dried them on regular setting. I then pulled out my old dusty ironing board and ironed and ironed and ironed. A 6′ by 9′ piece of canvas can take a long time to iron properly!¬† Then I secured them with clip rings and turned over the top until the bottom was draping on the floor and clipped them up at even intervals. Eventually I think I would like to add some sort of fringe or ribbon across the top and/or down the sides. But for today I wanted to keep it a “no sew” kinda’ day. I would say the only hard part was the ironing. I think I refilled my iron with water about 5 times! Not too shabby for $9 a panel!¬† What do you think? ¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

The Lettered Cottage

Custom Framed Mirrors

I really did this without my hubby. Here is our new mirror all framed up in our guest bathroom. It’s so beautiful I can’t believe I did it myself! I couldn’t have done it without a little help from Rhoda over at She has the greatest tips and advice on how to spiffy up your house on a budget. FYI when she says that you need to be careful when using your glue gun to put up the molding she means it – that stuff sticks – QUICK! Oh and be sure to paint the back of your molding the same color as the front. I thought I would skip that step but you really can’t hence me finding out that the glue gun sticks the molding to the glass quickly. I got it off but not without a fight!

This is After


Closeup of the corner, my mirror looks a little dirty – I had just finished DIYing it – I did clean it up afterwards!