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Product Review

So doing as much painting as I do I sure make a real mess! This is one of the reasons my husband does not like what I do. I shouldn’t say doesn’t like my hobbies of choice,  I just mean it pains him, literally, to see me outside with a paint brush in my hand especially since I’m usually wearing new clothes and I should be inside cleaning or something! LOL not really he’s not that cave man-like, well, sorta’….
 Anywho as you should know by now I have no patience and when I wanna do something I just wanna’ do it already. I absolutely do not like prep-work, it takes waaaay too long. So that means no tarp, no paint clothes, no gloves, no goggles, usually no measuring (though I usually have my trusty Ray-Bans on), etc.
So in saying all this I am a real clean freak. I know! Doesn’t really jive well together, right? Right! So I do spend a lot of time cleaning up after myself. Now my husband hates our concrete driveway and he plans (not me) to get a new one real soon. I’m against this plan as it costs as much for a new concrete driveway as it does for a college tuition. The old one will do just fine thank you very much! AND if we get a new one I am NEVER going to be allowed to paint AGAIN!!!! Not OK with me.
 So I’m going off in the wrong direction again. Which brings me to my point. To get back in the good graces of the old man I went on a secret mission. For what you say? To clean up all those little paint spots all over the outside of our casa on the concrete. So at Home Depot I spied this ——
Isn’t the name cute? Pumie? It was pretty cheap, I want to say a couple bucks?
“Pumie Power Works when the strongest chemicals quit.” I will say this is why I was drawn to this particular product. I have 3 kids and I’m just not into chemicals. They make me dizzy and all that jazz. 
Here are said paint spots. We have stain spots and Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. Now I know ASCL is supposed to come off pretty easy but our concrete is old and I think it might even be porous? 
I wet down the stick like it said but it didn’t work so hot. So I wet down the concrete too….
much better.
I’m figuring this is the same concept as Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, which I adore. But much tougher. The stick seemed to wear down really quickly.
BUT! It did work and it left a funny gray, chalky paste which you just rinse away.
And there you have it. No more spots. The only problem was, once I was that close to the ground I realized how many paint spots are on the concrete. 🙁
Pumie – after one little area. It literally ate half of the stick. I should have bought 10!
Another Lisa Lee oops. This time white semi-gloss from last year. 
After a few scrapes of the sticks back and forth it started to disappear but it was a lot harder on this sort of concrete, I think because it is rougher and has more grooves.
 And see how it is actually cleaning the concrete? Maybe we don’t need a new driveway…just a whole lot of Pumie’s!
 My sad little stick after only two spots and the said paint offenders. 
Verdict? Pumie does work well and I like the fact it contains no chemicals. 
BUT you may need to buy quite a few to clean up your mess!
Be Blessed! XOXO Lisa
I was in no way paid or compensated for this product review.

A Clean Home vs. Following Your Dreams

J. Lo’s pretty and CLEAN house.
My number one dilemma in this season of my life, and I’m totally not even joking here, is to clean my house or follow my dreams. I know this sounds bizarre and cuckoo like no other but typing it out on the page makes it seem even weirder. 
All my life I have been a cleaner, a clearer-outer, a dumper, definitely NOT a hoarder. I’ve scrubbed friends refrigerators out since I was a wee lass (for fun mind you!). I’ve made chore charts for my kids. When we sold our last house I was on hands and knees cleaning out the sliding door railing with q-tips no less! I could go on and on. 
But honestly what is wrong with me? I’ve been in therapy ALOT! Lol and it goes something along the lines of liking to be in control of  my surroundings at all times. HMMMM…..maybe that’s why I don’t like to fly anymore, hello….so not in control of the airplane.
Which brings me to my current and lasting Forever dilemma. This cleaning habit of mine definitely does not allow for following my dreams. So what’s a girl to do? I do have cleaners 2x month. I even have a lady to do the laundry! (Thanks Martha…angel from Heaven). Honestly what do I do? I’ve tried ignoring it. I’ve tried handing out chores to the kids. I’ve even tried taking out all of the pretty things in my house so there is less to clean and organize. Just about all I can think of is to work outside of the home. Which brings me to the garage and when I go out there I end up cleaning that too! Yikes!!!
Does anyone else have this problema?

Removing Rust the "Green" Way

So I know sometimes I am full of useless info that I love to share just because I think it’s great but you don’t. BUT I know something that is amazing, awesome and astounding! How to remove rust with something that you already have in your kitchen. Not some cleaner or great infomerical product – something you have in that drawer along with the ziploc baggies all smashed in together. Are you ready for it? Foil! Yep that’s right, good ole’ foil. I didn’t quite believe it when I read it myself but being the cheapskate I am and also an immediate satisfaction sort of gal I had to try it ASAP! And it worked.

So here’s what I did. I got a piece of foil out, folded it so no sharp edges were showing and rinsed it under the tap, shook off the excess water and scrubbed away in a back and forth, NOT, circular motion. It smelled a little funny and produced some icky black watery stuff but the rust was gone! And there weren’t any scratches which is what I was thinking would happen. I then wiped away said yucky black watery stuff and cleaned it with a paper towel.

I’ve tried it on my Kohler stainless steel shower head – A+ results. I’ve tried it on some mirror closet doors that had some sort of stuck on yuckiness that Windex, Mister Clean Magic Eraser, a razorblade AND CLR couldn’t remove. A+ results. A vintage stainless steel coffee tin. A+ results. So far so good and no scratches.

Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first ( I don’t want to ruin anything of yours that is valuable).  I am so happy and satisfied when I can clean something  without buying some crazy expensive product that may or may not work and is going to give me cancer in the process. Yay!!

Be Blessed and happy foil scrubbing!