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What I’m Working On and Free Wood Makes Me Happy!

I’m sort of in the middle of a few projects right now. I’ve been especially inspired by the gal at Beyond The Picket Fence. She makes so many great things out of pallets and random free wood scraps. (my husband is so not happy about this…)
 I thought I’d share a few things with nothing in particular. Because as my 10 year old daughter tells me all the time “you don’t have to be so perfect all the time Mom!” yikes that kind of stings a little. But it’s true! So here’s me not being perfect!
 Yay! I think….????
A lovely, beautiful wood pallet that my not so happy husband brought home for me, he even brought two! Isn’t it pretty?
A hole in said pallet. Emma did not want this one as her bookshelf because of the hole. But I think it makes it even prettier!
My wonderful, awesome, new daddy, baby brother using the sawsall for me because I was afraid I’d chop off a leg! Isn’t he handsome?
Yay, one pallet bookshelf done. This is the one that didn’t make it past 1st daughters approval because “there’s a hole in it mom!”.
#1 daughter, slave labor. She’s so serious! I heart her, she’s pretty amazing…
So not perfect hands after staining, like my girlfriend said “don’t you wear gloves when you do that stuff?” Nope! I’m too impatient to bother and it looks pretty to me because I’ve been working with what the Lord gave me. I heart Him too.
And on to the greatest find ever! More free wood from the back of the new store across the street. Yes I gather up free wood from behind stores by the trash, thus the reason my husband is not so happy. I think he thinks I’m Sanford & Son. I think I think I’m Sanford & Son. Only Sanford & Daughter! LOL….I make myself laugh. Anywho I’m thinking a big toy box for daughter #2? Wonder if pallet lady at has a tut for that?
Yay! Almost completed pallet bookshelves, organizer thingys. You can do so many things with these. #1 daughters ended up on her desk in her room filled to the brim with electronic things and their miscellaneous cords. I also attached clothespins to the four front posts so she can clip pics of her and her besties. Its so cute!
And in going with the scheme of not being perfect, I did not photoshop any of these pics. Double yay! Because as I said earlier I am so not patient with those sorts of things.
Have a great imperfect day!
Be Blessed! 
Love, Lisa

Some Pretty Pictures and a Bible Verse

Sweet Vintage English Toffee Can

China Cabinet I painted for my dining room
Vintage Repogle Globe I recently sold on Ebay
Milk glass fruit bowl for sale in my space at The Brick Basement                                                                                                                                                          

Jesus answered, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me”. 
John 14:6 
Before I became a Christian I thought that if we were just good people and tried to live our lives right and did the right thing then we (myself) would go to Heaven. I had many discussions with friends on this theory until one friend in particular asked her brother, who happened to be a pastor, if what we were discussing was true. His reply was “No” and he told me this…”Jesus does want you to be a good person but you also have to come to Him to get into heaven. Accept Him into your heart and believe that he died on the cross for your sins. That you are a sinner and repent for your sins (by simply confessing them to Him). He wants a personal relationship with you.”
Wow! So I did what he said to do and a beautiful, personal relationship has since transpired. A relationship that gives me hope and peace. Jesus wants a relationship with you too and the best thing is you can start today by accepting Him into your heart.