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How To Elevator Pitch – Part II

Ready for it? Think I have my Elevator Pitch completed. This came to me just as I was dozing off last night, of course, so I had my husband who was still up on his Ipad write it down for me…thanks babe!

“Hi my name is Lisa Lee. I’m a stay at home mom of 3 beautiful babies and wife to one tall roofing contractor. In order to keep from losing my sanity on a daily basis I try to incorporate creativity into my everyday life. I’m an avid DIY’er who specializes in recycling and upcycling cast off furniture pieces with a little paint and staple gun. I also love interior design  and jewelry design.  I write about all of this on my blog…”
What do you think? I’m not sure I can actually “pitch” this in a elevator. Maybe out to left field? Lol…did Martha Stewart have to write an elevator pitch?….. 

Name Bracelets

Ok girls Christmas is coming up fast and heavy – have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If that questions strikes terror in your heart as I know it does mine I have a suggestion for you. Personalized jewelry!! You know I make it and you can buy it! I have really fabulous name bracelets which are so precious and sweet to give as gifts. The one below is sterling silver with pink freshwater pearls. They run about 7″ in length with and extender attached of about 1″. The lobster clasp will fit through any of the loops on the extender so it’s totally adjustable. If you’re interested please leave a comment below. Happy shopping!