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Custom Framed Mirrors

I really did this without my hubby. Here is our new mirror all framed up in our guest bathroom. It’s so beautiful I can’t believe I did it myself! I couldn’t have done it without a little help from Rhoda over at She has the greatest tips and advice on how to spiffy up your house on a budget. FYI when she says that you need to be careful when using your glue gun to put up the molding she means it – that stuff sticks – QUICK! Oh and be sure to paint the back of your molding the same color as the front. I thought I would skip that step but you really can’t hence me finding out that the glue gun sticks the molding to the glass quickly. I got it off but not without a fight!

This is After


Closeup of the corner, my mirror looks a little dirty – I had just finished DIYing it – I did clean it up afterwards!