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Favorites From Pinterest

Its pretty funny that you can tell the sort of person you are from what you “pin” on Pinterest
If you look at your boards or pins it becomes obvious what moves you, what you’d like to be, who’d you like to emulate or what you want to try.

I’d like to be someone who works her —- off like this pretty lady. 
Most of the time I do a pretty good job of it.  

I like funny and sweet, surprising moments.

I love pretty hair and I’d love to have more of it, like this amazing hair.
I like cool tips that make my life easier such as placing a wooden across the top of a pan of boiling water and it won’t boil over. 
A- may – zing! It works too.
 I tried it. 

I like simple and clean jewelry like this amazing robe bracelet made out of an
 old shopping bag handle.
 How resourceful is that?

I really love Jennifer Aniston’s style. I have loads of pins of her outfits. Not just the clothes, she’s actually wearing them so I guess I have lots of pins of her. Again, clean, simple, neat. I see a pattern emerging here.

Lots of white, beige and soft interiors.

Dreamy and soft…

Again….love her…and what she’s got to say about body image.

If you know me you know I heart stripes…love this dress.

I think I really want a tattoo….just a small one though….

A family that prays together….stays together.
 I ♥ this picture. Great family portrait idea.

So what do your Pinterest pins say about you?
Take a moment and look back thru them. Report back to me, I’d like to know.

Be Blessed xo Lisa