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Removing Rust the "Green" Way

So I know sometimes I am full of useless info that I love to share just because I think it’s great but you don’t. BUT I know something that is amazing, awesome and astounding! How to remove rust with something that you already have in your kitchen. Not some cleaner or great infomerical product – something you have in that drawer along with the ziploc baggies all smashed in together. Are you ready for it? Foil! Yep that’s right, good ole’ foil. I didn’t quite believe it when I read it myself but being the cheapskate I am and also an immediate satisfaction sort of gal I had to try it ASAP! And it worked.

So here’s what I did. I got a piece of foil out, folded it so no sharp edges were showing and rinsed it under the tap, shook off the excess water and scrubbed away in a back and forth, NOT, circular motion. It smelled a little funny and produced some icky black watery stuff but the rust was gone! And there weren’t any scratches which is what I was thinking would happen. I then wiped away said yucky black watery stuff and cleaned it with a paper towel.

I’ve tried it on my Kohler stainless steel shower head – A+ results. I’ve tried it on some mirror closet doors that had some sort of stuck on yuckiness that Windex, Mister Clean Magic Eraser, a razorblade AND CLR couldn’t remove. A+ results. A vintage stainless steel coffee tin. A+ results. So far so good and no scratches.

Be sure to test in an inconspicuous area first ( I don’t want to ruin anything of yours that is valuable).  I am so happy and satisfied when I can clean something  without buying some crazy expensive product that may or may not work and is going to give me cancer in the process. Yay!!

Be Blessed and happy foil scrubbing!