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SHARPIE Paint Oil-Based Paint Marker Review

I’ve been a little quiet lately in blogger land but I’m still crafting and DIY’ing my little heart out. I have a big surprise for you. But more on that later!

I have a review today on Sharpie Oil Based Paint Marker. I’ve been using them for a while now to do some signs and they work great! I’ve only used the white and the black so far but I aim to use all the colors. Hear that Sharpie? I WANT to use all the colors…you can send some to me to test out on my super cool wood signs.

Anywho, they really work great and the color lasts for a long time. 

I noticed them a while ago at my local Joann’s Craft and Fabric Store. I kept asking the girls at the counter if any of them had used them yet and they kept saying No. So I decided to give the Sharpie Paint Marker a whirl for myself.

I have been using the black Sharpie Paint Marker in Medium Point. It outlines my stencils well with little to no bleeding and then I fill in the lines. It smells like regular Sharpie but looks a little glossy which is what an oil based paint is supposed to look like.

I really like the steady control the Sharpie Paint Marker gives me vs.  a regular paint brush.  It’s super easy to get into tight corners and have my letters appear perfect. 

I am still using the first Sharpie Paint Marker I bought in black and I’ve done quite a few wooden signs with it. Its still going strong.

I’m super excited to use all of the colors. Now I can coordinate my sign color to my lettering color. Yay!