Christmas Treasures

Ok friends I’ve done my duty. Lots of beautiful Christmas treasures are up for grabs at my “spot”. What should I call myself anyway? I don’t like the word “dealer” sounds a little funny business to me. Vintage entreprenuer? Queen of Junk? What would you call yourself if you were me, doing what I do. Crazy?

Sweet little bird centerpiece. Lots of santas and red! I love red. It’s so regal and royal and pretty!!

Trying to capture all of my space is so crazy hard. Here is part of Judy’s space too!

Postcards, nice brick wall…hence the name of the store…The Brick Basement.  Looks like I could use a little more…well….”stuff” here.

I am in LOVE with this silverplated vintage champagne bucket…so beautiful you can put well champagne in it, a bottle of white wine on ice, a bottle of red wine.
and of course there’s Martha, who doesn’t love Martha.
That’s all for now. Thank you Anna for helping me yesterday – you were awesome.

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