Are you thinking about Christmas yet? I know it sounds strange when we haven’t even had Halloween. Yet all throughout blog land everyone is talking about Christmas and how they’ve already finished all of their Christmas shopping! Sheesh! Not me, not here, never happens. I usually procrastinate til’ the almost last minute. My hubby waits until the VERY last minute – we’re talking Christmas Eve!

Anyway my mom and I have been working on Christmas stockings. Let me tell you they’re pretty cute. I put a few in the shop yesterday to see how they do. I have a feeling they will sell pretty quick so we’re already working on more. Here’s a looksie at how they turned out.

burlap and muslin with eiffel tower image 
close up of detail
All muslin, crown detail, weird angle it doesn’t really look like this  funny shape
Again weird angle, I can photograph jewelry much better!

Even if you already have family stockings they are fancy enough to hang around just for decoration! I love love them. FYI I did not sew them, I’m not the sewer in this family my mom is. She has been sewing since I was a little girl. Thanks mom for all of your hard work. These are just a few we have for sale, there are other colors and styles available too. You’ll have to go to the shop to check ’em out!


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