You know what I realized today? I’m a creative person, I need creativity in my life. In my space. It seems a little odd to me when someone doesn’t have a creative outlet. I love using my hands to make something out of nothing, to dress up an old piece of furniture or just to get my passion going. Creativity is good for the soul. Good for you, it makes you interesting. I’ve also noticed that a lot of creative people, no matter their age, have a young quality to them. They never seem to age, they are always excited and seem to glow.

You can be creative with your style of dress, hair, decorating your house, writing music and poetry. I love to make jewelry. I love to decorate my house. I love to write. My husband likes to make fabulous food – that’s creative. Emma likes to draw pictures of her friends and she really loves to get a little funky with her outfits.

What do you like to create?

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