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I jumped on the dropcloth curtain bandwagon. And I think the people at the big orange place think I’m doing a lot of painting. Well actually I do a lot of painting but I’ll tell you more about that later. The curtains in my master bedroom have been temporary —- for THREE years!!! Red crushed velvet something or other that didn’t even come  close to hanging to the floor. They were supposed to be so temporary that I originally hung them with nails. Yep – just hammered ’em up. Once I got really tired of feeling really WT I hung them on rods telling myself again that this was only temporary.



 Well this is partially after because I did add two panels per window and I have no idea where that hideous ironing board cover came from. I also raised the curtain rod as high as possible to add more height to this room. An idea from the nester . Our ceilings are 8 ft and can seem pretty low sometimes. The furniture in this room is also what we bought when we lived in our other house which had large rooms and 10 ft ceilings. So this furniture is definitely too big for this room.

Anyhow the curtains were really easy to do.  I  washed them on the warm/cold cycle with detergent and a little bit of Resolve Spray (the only reason I used that is because it smells soooooo good) and dried them on regular setting. I then pulled out my old dusty ironing board and ironed and ironed and ironed. A 6′ by 9′ piece of canvas can take a long time to iron properly!  Then I secured them with clip rings and turned over the top until the bottom was draping on the floor and clipped them up at even intervals. Eventually I think I would like to add some sort of fringe or ribbon across the top and/or down the sides. But for today I wanted to keep it a “no sew” kinda’ day. I would say the only hard part was the ironing. I think I refilled my iron with water about 5 times! Not too shabby for $9 a panel!  What do you think?         

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5 thoughts on “Dropcloth Curtains

  1. Anonymous

    Reading your post I gather you bought your drop cloths at Home Depot. I was wondering if they had any seams in the center of them and if they were finished on the edges? I bought a few from Walmarts and they were terrible. Big seams at odd places on the panel and the edges weren’t even finished. I’ve been wanting to try the curtain idea but was very disappointed with the quality of the drop cloths.

  2. UrbanCottageDecor.blogspot.com

    I did buy my dropcloths from Home Depot. I have bought about 6 sets in the last couple of months and the I’ve only received one in bad shape. The hem is along the outer edge and fortunately not right down the middle. I always try and make sure that they match up in the light too. I have not had any experience buying them from Walmart.

  3. shanylin

    Looking at this post made me laugh! I still have my ‘temperorary’ curtains up in my room 4 years after our move! Love the drop cloth idea!! Do you still have them up?

  4. Lisa

    I actually do still have them up and they’re in my dining room too. If you need help with them let me know. I’ve had lots of compliments on them. I can’t help but tell everyone that they’re dropcloths!


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