French Country Style at Home

                             I “heart” this book….French Country Style at Home by Sebastien Siraudeau.

I’m suppossed to be reading a book for my Summer Book Club – but instead I’m perusing the pics in this book.

I love that table on the front page, I wonder if my hubby would let me sand down our table and paint the sideboards white? ……..a girl can dream……..

One thought on “French Country Style at Home

  1. LuluD

    Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I love my French decorating books, too. Your jewelry is great. Have you tried and You can put in your zip code and get notices of sales in your area. I love thrift stores, too, but haven’t found that great piece of furniture yet. I’m going to my first auction next month. Have a great weekend. Lisa (a/k/a Lulu ~ Belle Francaise Interiors)


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