I have acquired a new love! A roadside cast-off that a friend was thoughtful enough to give to me. It turns out that this lovely piece of furniture is an actual utility wardrobe from WWII. These wardrobes were made for young couples just married during the war. They were made with less expensive wood and supplies as wood was scarce. All utility furniture was bought with ration coupons. I can’t believe anyone would put this out with the trash! But none-the-less their loss my gain.

The only problem I’m having is painting it. I’ve never really figured out the right formula for repainting and I’m a bit impatient and have been known to skip steps. Yes I know hard to believe!! So the things I’ve repainted thus far have been small enough for me to be able to spraypaint. Well this piece of furniture is too big to spray. I wiped it down with Liquid Sandpaper and got my paint from Home Depot – muslin white. I started to paint with a foam brush and it’s not really working!!

Any tips from seasoned pro’s? I’m thinking I’ll go back at it tomorrow with a proper painting brush after I give it a little sanding.

Image from Museum of London
(not mine – but similar – though mine is a little prettier!) 
I promise I will post pictures of before and after – at least I remembered to take them this time.
God Bless! xx Lisa

4 thoughts on “Help!

  1. Redesign Diva

    Hey Lisa, thanks for stopping by…as for that wardrobe…I would actually have sanded it, and it is not too late for you either, just lightly take the shine off of it nothing major. You have to decide if you are going to commit to refinishing pieces, if so, I suggest a power sander, as that sucker is huge!

    Next, prime with a good primer(kilz clean start). Prime with a sponge roller, two coats (because you are going from dark to light). Then paint with a sponge roller. Give it as many coats as it needs(usually two) and let it dry in between coats. Then put on a wipe on poly.

    Sorry that was so long,but a project like that a’int for the faint of heart..
    Good luck
    And i want to def see pics!


  2. Lisa

    Thank you Kindle, I can totally relate to what you said about “commiting to refinishing pieces”. Do you know me? I am following your instructions for my wardrobe and just sanded the whole thing down and will be priming and painting next week. Yes I have a power sander, I see you have the round one is that better? I have the little square one – which is pretty busted up (as my 3 year old would say). Wondering if I should invest in a new round one?

  3. Redesign Diva

    Hey sorry i didn’t know you asked a question…I am not genius enough to follow comments yet… I actually use the square one too i think it is awesome! So have we completed this piece??? 🙂


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