Home Streeetttchhhh

Ok people I’m in the home stretch. The return to school, not home everyday, wanting me to spend large amounts of money on them, kid back to school home stretch! Now I adore my kids like nobodys business. They are the light of my day, loves of my life, yada yada yada….but it’s been 3 long months. I’m looking forward to lazy days on the couch, watching soap operas and eating bon bons with no interruptions…seriously if you know me you know I don’t do this ( well only certain days of the month). I’ve got labor day weekend and then they’re back. Gotta love it. Look for lots more blog postings about furniture re-do’s, design, decorating and my dealer space at The Brick Basement. Oh and I bought a paint sprayer – insert the heavens opening and sun shining through with angels singing here. So I will have lots to tell you about this new love of my life.

Cheers and blessings,

Lisa xoxo

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