I’m In Love With A Paint Color

Is it possible to fall in love with a paint color before you even see it on your wall? I’m just so in love with the NAME of this paint color that I want to paint my whole house in it.

Behr’s Light French Gray. Doesn’t it sound divine. Like diving into a Parisian Flea Market with a coffee and a croissant in each hand, lots of money and oodles of time with your best girl friend fun! So I actually did mosey over to Home Depot the other day and retrieved said paint sample color and slapped it up on my dining room wall with the help of my little helper – Jack Jennings. He was very good at his mastery of painting just like his lil’ ole’ mama! I will post what it looks like soon!

 Apparently Jennifer Lopez and her designer love this color too. I don’t think it’s the exact same color. This picture is from the latest issue of Veranda.

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