It’s pretty and it’s a wall!!

So remember my last post when I said I was going to decorate a wall? Well I did it! And I didn’t even break a leg or a fingernail for that matter. I might have sweated a little and my knees are sore today but we all know beauty isn’t really pretty.

So who guessed what it’s covered in? If you said burlap you were right! I am in love with burlap right now. It’s cheap, plentiful and it glues and staples on to stuff like you wouldn’t believe. I love that in a fabric. Except when you get glue on your fingers and then bits of the burlap begin to stick to your fingertips until eventually you look like the straw man….

I always forget to take a before pic so this is the closest you’re gonna’ get.

Yes – I’m quite proud of myself. Now keep in mind that this is going up a staircase so the angle is awkward to say the least.

Filled with pretty things…
Lots of vintage gold Syroco and wrought iron hooks
1953 “Chalk” Mirror
Fabulous picture of a crown on burlap….what else!

Keep in mind that this hallway is very dark and so my pictures don’t have enough light. Lighting is another project for next week. Please check back then.

Oh, and BTW now I’m probably going to have to do the other wall in burlap too. It’s too stinkin’ cute and when you make a nail hole and a mistake (as I usually do) you can pull it right out and no one can see all the holes in your walls. Genius……

What do you think….more burlap or no?

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