Shabby Chic DIY Pallet Wood Tray

IMG_5241It’s done. I’m in love. I’m sure those oranges won’t stay there for long though. Not when you have 3 kids in the house. Oh well a girl can dream. Here is my shabby chic DIY pallet wood tray.

IMG_5256 IMG_5255

Its a lot of shabby chic DIY pallet wood.IMG_5254 IMG_5253 Putting on the felt pads, as per request from Hubs.IMG_5252 IMG_5251 I wonder how long they’ll stay on there?IMG_5250 IMG_5249 IMG_5248 IMG_5247 The oranges in the pic match the bouncer, total co-inkydink! IMG_5245 I love the grain. The stain I used was Minwax, special walnut. And it’s oh so special.IMG_5244 White paint from a previous painting project adds just a little bit of, well, me.IMG_5243Since I have painting accidents all over our yard, hubby loves it. IMG_5242 IMG_5241 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5238 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_5234BTW these photos are unedited. I’ve decided to simplify my life and not use photoshop for a while. It’s totally frustrating! It takes forever. I’m over it. Can you sense that I don’t really know how to do it?

So, do you like?

8 thoughts on “Shabby Chic DIY Pallet Wood Tray

  1. Carin

    TOTALLY LOVE!! Am late to your pallet tray party, and new to pallet-craft. 🙂 I sooo appreciate your great tutorial, and I think this is just the project I’ll try next!!! Thanks!!!

  2. Linda

    Your tray is beautiful and inspires me to make one to put on our ottoman in our shabby chic decor. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Michelle

    Love this! I am trying one like it with a herringbone pattern and I am wondering if you can tell me how you adhered the plywood to the edge of the tray. I like that you cannot see the bottom of the tray, but I am wondering if wood glue is enough to hold it together?

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