Project #1

The first of my 30 Projects in 30 Days Marathon starts today!

11″ x 15″ Metal Frame with curved glass. I acquired this about a year ago at an auction. It came in a huge pallet of “stuff” for $20. The pile was literally bigger than me. This was about the only good piece in there. It has sat in Baby Girls closet since then.

The back is plywood covered in that old fuzzy velvet stuff. It was very dirty and linty. So I used my lint roller to clean it up. The sticker on the back also says “made in Italy”.  OOOhhhh fancy!

Since this is a very old frame it is attached through the metal frame into the plywood with small nails. The nails on this piece are long gone so I improvised with some little finishing nails I had hanging around.

Nails in place. There are about 8 of these all the way around the frame. 2 on each side. When a picture is inserted I’m assuming these are going to have to be pryed out. But since I do not want that curved glass to break (I’m surprised it hasn’t already), I attached it up all nice and tight.

And here she is! A pretty present all ready to be wrapped up and given as a gift. I think it looks great and I’m sure whoever lands up with her will be very pleased! As usual I’m tempted to keep her myself! She didn’t come with a picture inside and I’m wondering if I should put a little something in there so she looks pretty and sells quick! What do you think?

Day one down and 29 more to go! 

Not sure what’s coming tomorrow but I’m sure it will be a great transformation.

Be Blessed! xo

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