Saturday Treasures

 I love Saturdays – no school, no deadlines, and lots of yard sales!

Although I leave my house with the promise and intention of donuts for the kids and the thought that I’ll only be “gone an hour” I usually end up running home with my tail between my legs with stale donuts, cries of “where were you”, and a scowl from my husband. I know you’ve all been there ladies. So today I found some “treasures” as my hubby calls them. Now I haven’t actually taken pictures of my treasures but I’ll post some pics that are similar.

My mother-in-law who was my partner in crime this morning scored a great set of vintage glasses with a gold “J” on them along with a decanter for only $1. All of these goodies from the same sale, I really think we overwhelmed her with our “how much” for this and bargaining skills. Poor woman, she was probably glad to see us traipse down her driveway with treasures in hand.

What did you get on this Yard Sale Saturday?

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