Shabby Chic or No?

So I was talking with a good girlfriend a while ago at The Brick Basement (one of my favorite places to hang out and chat)  and she informed me that Rachel Ashwell (my sister friend from my native homeland)  has come out with a new book and a new style. Now we all know Rachel as the Queen of Shabby Chic, she pretty much started this look and/or took it over many years ago and ran with it. Now she has a new decorator style which I wasn’t aware of until now so apparently I’m quite “behind” the loop, I guess. So anyway it’s called “prairie” like Little House on the Prairie. Have any of you heard of this? Or am I the only one with my head in the sand? I’m told it’s the same shabby chic style but with a little bit of farmhouse thrown in. So does that mean it’s “French Country”? It definitely can’t be “Industrial”, maybe it’s a little “Swedish Country”? Who knows….there are so many different decorating styles – I’m confused! I say just decorate with what you like and is comfortable for you and yours. So maybe I should start my own decorating style – I’d call it “English House on the Windy Hill Style”. Sounds good – no?

Whatever style this is – I heart it.

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