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I’m trying a new font today…what do you think? 

I spent a few hours at the shop today redoing my space. Remember that back hallway space before you go down the stairs? I brought in quite a few new items and I thought I’d share them with you.

Golden Garden Crown

#1 A fabulous Garden CrownI’m calling it a garden crown because it is quite a bit larger that your average table-top crown that I normally sell. It would look awesome in your garden amongst the flowers or on a patio table with a fern in the middle. It would also look fabulous on top of your outdoor fireplace with loads of different sized white pillar candles in the middle. $19.50

 #2 French Magnetic Wall Calendar – this is so cute – so cute in fact that my daughter has already snagged one for her room. It is large and magnetic so you can even put your other magnets on it. I am always looking for a magnetic surface now that I can no longer stick anything to my stainless steel fridge. $22

 #3 Metal Crown Hooks – are you catching on to the theme here? It must be the English in me coming out. These are the four styles of crown wall hooks I have in the shop at the moment. They are sold individually and are pretty heavy but have a nice hook on back that you can actually put the top of the nail head into so they won’t fall off the wall and bonk you or anyone else on the head! These are $8.50 each.

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#4 Jade-ite! A whole set from my picking trip to Missouri. There are four dinner plates and four sets of cups and saucers. They are all being sold individually but if you buy the set you can have the original box they came in. These are a special set as they still have the foil stickers on them so they have never been used! Wow – they are so pretty. I must admit I did not take this picture and don’t have the bowls with my set. But this is a pretty picture – don’t you think? Cup & Saucer $14 Plate $7

#5  Wooden Table Display – this is so pretty! It is stacked with lots of lovelies on display in the store – so if you buy it you’ll have to “undisplay” it!! 

Well that’s it for now – I did unload quite a few other bits and bobs at the shop today. You’ll have to take a trip down to The Brick Basement to check them out for yourself. Remember the space in the back hallway by the stairs #16! And while you’re there check out all the other cute stuff in the store. Everytime I’m there I have to check it out for myself.

Love, Lisa xx

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  1. LuluD

    Hi Lisa, Thanks for stopping by my site(s). I love what you have collected for your shop! Isn’t if fun?! I saw the three tier shelf this weekend at a store here in Atlanta, and wanted to buy it, but it was a display piece. Have a good week.


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