Swedish Paint Finish, part 3

Here is the last installment of video on how to achieve a Swedish Paint Finish. Here we will be adding the last ingredient, wax. I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dark wax, you can probably use any dark wax you have.


There is an extra special treat in this video, my daughter, Emma Jayne. She wanted to be my assistant, heheheh

8 thoughts on “Swedish Paint Finish, part 3

  1. Denise McGinn

    You posted part 2 twice….would be great to see part 3. Am planning to do this to my kitchen table. Many thanks.

  2. Laura

    Hi I noticed that Part 2 was posted instead of Part3. Any chance you will be posting the real Part 3 soon? I am really interested in doing this and would like to see how you finish it off. Thanks đŸ™‚ Beautiful table by the way!

    1. lisajaynelee Post author

      Hi Laura I didn’t do a part 3 but I did use Annie sloan dark wax (follow waxing directions) and then I used a 400 grit sandpaper to finish it off until some of the white from the first coat of paint showed through and the table was smooth to the touch. I love this coffee table and get a TON of compliments on it! If you have any other questions I’m glad to help!

  3. Laura

    Would love to see part 3 and learn how you used the dark wax on this. Looks like part 2 was posted twice. Table turned out amazing!

  4. melanie

    Hi, Lisa
    My name is Melanie. I have recently ventured into a new start in life. My dreams involve starting a up-cycle business where I can train and employ women new in recovery. I have been inspired by your web page and the Swedish table , I did this with my children’s dresser it was really fun to do. I was wondering if you have any sage advice you could pass along I could be encouraged by. I am fortunate to have friends who allow me to refinish their furniture for free utilizing the style and technique I am perfecting at this time. I get to take before and after photos for my portfolio and am building word of mouth, I still feel like this is just a “hobby” and would like it to transition to a business soon. Like I said , any advice?
    Respectfully Melanie

  5. Beth Stark

    I would like to do this to my bathroom vanity, so it needs to be pretty waterproof. In my experience a wax finish doesn’t handle water very well. Can I go over the dark wax layer with a flat poly? thx!


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