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Shabby Chic DIY Pallet Wood Tray

IMG_5241It’s done. I’m in love. I’m sure those oranges won’t stay there for long though. Not when you have 3 kids in the house. Oh well a girl can dream. Here is my shabby chic DIY pallet wood tray.

IMG_5256 IMG_5255

Its a lot of shabby chic DIY pallet wood.IMG_5254 IMG_5253 Putting on the felt pads, as per request from Hubs.IMG_5252 IMG_5251 I wonder how long they’ll stay on there?IMG_5250 IMG_5249 IMG_5248 IMG_5247 The oranges in the pic match the bouncer, total co-inkydink! IMG_5245 I love the grain. The stain I used was Minwax, special walnut. And it’s oh so special.IMG_5244 White paint from a previous painting project adds just a little bit of, well, me.IMG_5243Since I have painting accidents all over our yard, hubby loves it. IMG_5242 IMG_5241 IMG_5240 IMG_5239 IMG_5238 IMG_5237 IMG_5236 IMG_5235 IMG_5234BTW these photos are unedited. I’ve decided to simplify my life and not use photoshop for a while. It’s totally frustrating! It takes forever. I’m over it. Can you sense that I don’t really know how to do it?

So, do you like?

How To Build a Chevron Table/Tray out of Pallet Wood

IMG_5217Alright so basically what I did was figure out the final measurement of my piece which was 24″ square. Then I divided it into 4 for the 4 sets of wood that went in strips.

198791771023542624See the 4 strips above?

So each strip is 6″ and I marked that out on my work table with tape.


Cutting the first piece was the hardest. I put my chop saw at a 45 degree angle and did some test pieces to figure it all out. All I can say is that you should have some extra pallet wood for this. It just takes some doing. I am not good at math and I’m sure there is a scientific way to go about figuring how long your piece should be but that’s not what I did.

IMG_5216So here are my first pieces, they are set up this way because I was messing around with them. I had one piece go from the outer edge of the tape to the inner edge of the middle tape. Then I cut both matching pieces “together” on the chop saw. To get an even cut.

IMG_5218I love this “arrow” look. It reminds me of traffic signs in England. Anyway, your next few pieces are all going to be the same cut. I used my laser A Lot and brought down the blade on the saw to the wood before cutting to see where it was going to “hit” the wood.

IMG_5220So this is the next piece that is a different measurement because I’m going to fill in the last in this row. I did something totally technical here and eyeballed it and marked my lines with a pen! And guess what? It worked! I have no idea how my camera got switched to B&W here…


Cut Piece, do the same for the other side.

IMG_5224 Bottom triangle, same method, eyeballing it and marking it with a pen. This was a lot of fun because it was like a puzzle and actually once I got going it went faster than I thought. IMG_5226Finished side. I did make one mistake. my lines don’t connect down the middle. I guess that’s a pretty major mistake but I don’t really care. I’m not going for perfection and I will tackle that next time.

IMG_5228 They almost go together but not really. I’m totally OK with this. If you’re not then I’m sure if you get this far you can figure out how to make them match. IMG_5230Completed cuts. Then I used wood glue to glue down my pieces and let it dry for a few hours. I did not stain or paint my pieces beforehand. I think next time that is something I will try for a different look. Once the glue was good and dry I took my electric sander and sanded over the whole piece to make it smooth. I used 120 grit.

I will show you my finished piece tomorrow. I did put some sides on it to hide the plywood underneath. My brother showed me how to do an angled miter cut to form a “frame” around the whole piece. I will be using this as a coffee table tray for our ottoman. I will also add a piece of felt to the whole bottom and maybe some handles.

I’m really excited and proud of myself for doing this. It looked harder than it was. Don’t let the intricate cuts fool you. Go for it!