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Screenprinting 101, My take!

I know I have enough on my plate. I know I may probably have too much on my plate. But thats very fitting since my mom always told me “your eyes are bigger than your belly Lisa Jayne!”. And yes that is a real saying. At least in my childhood it was anyway.

So when I was at Dick Blick and I saw the Speedball Screen Printing Kit a few months ago I held out the urge to purchase it with my hot little hands. Until I went back 2 weeks ago. Then, I had a coupon and well with a coupon comes great responsibility.

So I took it home all ready to screen print my lil’ heart out. Til’ I read the directions and realized this was going to take a bit more planning that I had anticipated and I tried not to cry and get depressed.

Which brings me to a week or two later when I had been messing about with making a few screens and printing on a few tees I had laying around. I finally got around to doing a good “run” and actually stopped long enough to take pictures. Heres a few things I learned….

First off mix your emulsion and the little bottle of sensitizer that comes with it. It really stresses that in all the YouTube videos I watched and in the directions of the Speedball Screen Printing Kit. I don’t know why you wouldn’t do this but from the amount they stress to do this I’m assuming a lot of people didn’t and it didn’t turn out right. Mix it good! It will smell like Elmers Glue. I’m assuming there’s glue in there.

Then use the red plastic scraper and in a dark room or in a room without direct sunlight (the emulsion is light sensitive) pour a little from the bottle onto your screen. So with that being said I poured a lot, like the whole bottle and made a huge mess! Ugh gross. So that first screen was toast!

Pour a little and spread spread spread with your red scraper moving the emulsion all over the screen. You want an even and THIN coverage. Keep flipping the screen back and forth and scraping like your scooping up all the excess emulsion. This will take a few tries. Don’t get bummed if you mess it up! Once you think your screen is evenly and thinly covered on both sides scoop the extra emulsion left on your scraper and try to put it back into the bottle it came out of. This is tricky so make sure you have plenty of paper down if you drop some.

Then place  your screen into a cardboard box with the raised lip side down so that the screen itself is not sitting on the bottom of the box. This takes a little forethought. You want the bottom of the screen butt up. Then place it into a closet or somewhere dark and leave it alone for a few hours. You want it to dry. I used an old cardboard box from Costco and folded the flaps up so it was closed.

It will dry bright green. The screen is still photo sensitive so leave it in the box or cover it up with a dark t shirt. Get your print. Now thats a whole other blog post but print something out on clear transparencies like the ones from Staples. I like to print out images from the Graphics Fairy or I just use Google Drive and come up with a saying and print it out from there. Here is an example.  Graphics Fairy Image

My image I made on Google Drive

The next part trips me out! Put it on your dry screen and flood it with light so as to “burn” the screen. There are great directions in the Speedball Screen Printing Kit for this. We used one of my husbands construction lights for working outdoors at night. I set my timer for 10 minutes and it always burned a clear screen. I did try and use several lamps with low watt bulbs with my first attempt. I ended up ruining the screen. So make sure you have a good light. I do believe these construction lights are 500 watt and are NOT LED.

I put down a few sheets of black paper underneath my screen so as not to reflect the light. I also used a piece of glass from a picture to weight down the print onto the screen. Again the time it takes to “burn” the screen with your bulb will depend on high your watts are of your lightbulb. There are excellent directions explaining this in the Speedball Screen Printing Kit. Once your image is burned. It will appear a lighter green than the rest of the screen. You may not see it at first and this does take some experimenting with to get the right “burn”.

Then you will flood the screen with cold water and watch the burned area flush away. It becomes liquid and slowly gets washed out.  Make sure you use cold water. If you use hot it will take off all of your emulsion. No bueno! Make sure your tap is set to cold.
 Flip the screen back and forth in the sink to wash away the “burned” area. This will take a while. Better to use a hand held sprayer. I’ve heard that some people will use their hose outside but don’t take it outside as the emulsion is still light sensitive.  Hold it up to the light and check that you’ve washed away all the words and there is “negative” space. This is where you will “push” the printing ink through the screen to create an image.   Once you’re sure all the words have been washed away with cold water then you can put it outside to dry where it will further dry and the remaining emulsion will harden and change color to a sagey green. Yes I said sagey.  Just a photo of my light setup in the garage where I burn the screens.  My t-shirt. This is one from Bella + Canvas. I think its a toddler size. I did not prewash it.  A picture of the clear acetate sheet on top of the shirt to visualize how it will look once printed. You may want to do this before burning your screen to give you an idea if your letters are large enough and look how you want them to look.  My screen. I marked the wood frame with inches like a ruler and then Imarked the center. I read somewhere to line the center of the frame up with the shirt tag to make sure its centered. The red tape I also purchased at Dick Blick. Its for covering up holes and or areas that didn’t get covered with the emulsion.  I put a line of blue Speedball ink across the top of my screen. Its pretty thick.  The ink.
Then I “pulled” the ink down with my red scraper that came in the Speedball kit. I also bought a more “professional” scraper and I must say I keep going back to this one that came in the kit. Its just lighter and easier for me to handle.
Pull the ink down at a 45 degree angle.  Cover the entire screen where the image and or words are.
Once youre happy that the entire image is covered you are done. Lift the screen straight up off the shirt. If you have extra ink at this point scoop it up with your scraper and put it back into the ink jar.  And there you have it! YOUR SHOES UNTIED!
Wash your screen out immediately after your’e done so that the ink doesn’t dry on it. Wash both sides of the screen and your scraper.  You can use hot water with this wash. I then waited until my printed image on the shirt was touch dry and used a hot iron NO STEAM with a thin tea towel in between the shirt and iron and heat set the image for a good 4 minutes moving the iron back and forth. The t shirt is then ready for wear.

*Please note that if you made a mistake with the screen and the ink is water based you can rinse out your shirt before you heat set it if you need to do it over. Once heat set with the iron you cannot wash the image out.

Painting for yourself or your customer?

drakeenglishyellow350Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® English Yellow




Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® English Yellow

At a recent workshop someone asked the question “what is the color that sells?” Well thats the million dollar question we all want to know.

But do you really want to paint to your customer or do you want to extend your artistic range and paint what inspires you? Lately I’ve been doing a little soul searching as to “who I’m painting for”.

I’ve been wanting to try English Yellow for so long now I’m practically drooling but I’m thinking is anyone going to buy a piece of furniture in English Yellow? Yes!  I would. You know why? Because its different. And there is a painted piece for every body out there.

So I’m off to paint a pretty little coffee table in English Yellow by Annie Sloan. I’ll let you know how it turns out. Oh, and how quickly it sells.

Come and see us at our store in Yorba Linda, Something Borrowed Something Vintage

*Pictures from Pinterest

New Venture Is Under Way

Hey there, long time no bloggy! Well I’ve been just a little busy as usual! I can’t sit still. I do think, wait, I do know I have a problem!

So without much further ado I present to you Something Borrowed Something Vintage Party Rentals! I have decided to go full time (or as much full time as a mom to 3 busy kids can go) into the wild and crazy world of weddings!

I no longer am selling in the fabulous Orange Circle! Boo hoo!!! Only because I can’t possibly do both businesses and stay sane. Its all good though, I’m ready for a change.

Bring it on!

a sneaky peeky into my vintage warehouse….




2013-09-21 14.40.04

2013-09-13 11.20.39

2013-09-10 10.38.10-2

2013-09-06 11.09.14-2

2013-09-06 12.15.07-2

Much love and blessings!!

Lisa Jayne xoxo

Awesome DIY Furniture Blog

This is my newest  favoritist blog. I love a great transformation! While looking through Pinterest like I do EVERY night for furniture inspiration I came across this blog and practically pinned every transformation!

It’s called Better After and it’s exactly that. If you have a piece of furniture that you’ve transformed send in a before and after pic. Maybe you’ll be featured next!


I have a desk just like this waiting for me to do this….yay looks great!








I think this one is my favorite…love the yellow and the birdskristenfafter

lindsaybefore-2 lindsayafter-3


No, maybe this one is my favorite. Do you know how many of those ugly ole’ plastic front dressers there are at the GW??? To think I’ve always passed them up. I think I feel a thrift store run coming on….

Anywho go check out this site….Better After

Be Blessed, XO Lisa

Coral Dresser Transformation


Before, this dresser was already a looker


But then I mixed a little of this paint I got free from the dump…


with this red paint I already had in my stash…


To make this beautiful salmonly coral color…is salmonly a word? hmmmm, nope don’t think so but it looks good!


Add a little primer to my dresser to equal this….


Stunning Transformation!



I was already in love with it before, but now…. IMG_5848



Love it…





Striped detail on top…


pretty feet


sprayed the hardware, satin 


I replaced a few drawer stops


I even put out a drop cloth, I’m getting careful in my old age.

I’m calling this dresser South Beach. Just reminds me of urban modern chic in Florida and the color issss fabulouuuuus…

What do you think?

Be Blessed XO, Lisa

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Update 4/8/13 SOLD!

Swedish Paint Finish, part 3

Here is the last installment of video on how to achieve a Swedish Paint Finish. Here we will be adding the last ingredient, wax. I use Annie Sloan Chalk Paint dark wax, you can probably use any dark wax you have.


There is an extra special treat in this video, my daughter, Emma Jayne. She wanted to be my assistant, heheheh

Swedish Paint Finish Part 2



So far I’ve given my coffee table a coat of milky white paint. Now that it’s dry I’m ready for stain. I used Minwax Grey stain. Here is the video on how to achieve a Swedish Paint Finish part 2, stain.


Swedish Paint Finish


Here is the coffee table I refinished using my own version of a Swedish Paint Finish Technique. I’ve been scouring the blogosphere looking for a Swedish Paint Finish How-to with not much luck. So I racked the brain of my friend who does custom wood work for a living and he gave me his advice on how to achieve such a look.

So here is my first video tutorial. Today I will give you part 1 and Friday Part 2.

Please leave a comment below if the tutorial was helpful.

What paint finish would you like to see a tutorial on?

Cheers! xo


Grey Wood Stain Coffee table makeover

I recently received a free coffee table from my brother and sister-in-law. It has been in their house for quite some time and seen a few knock and bumps. But I happily took her off of their hands. My plan was to use some gray wood stain by Minwax to achieve the makeover look from my inspiration picture from a House Beautiful Magazine spread.IMG_5542


All I have is a picture of the drawer for the “before” shot.


This was my inspiration coffee table. I was a little confused how to achieve this paint finish. So I started by using some watered down white paint followed by gray wood stain by Minwax and lastly Annie Sloan Dark Wax. Followed by some sanding with fine grit sandpaper.


IMG_5549After! What do you think? I love it! At first it was a little too gray so I added some Annie Sloan Dark Wax and rubbed rubbed rubbed! Then I took fine grit sandpaper and sanded sanded sanded! Alot of the wax came off but it achieved the grainy look I was going for.IMG_5554IMG_5553

Once again

Before – – –


After – – –


IMG_5542 Now…about that couch…. 😉

Be blessed xo


Before & After

Hey there! Yesterday was a great garage sale day! I had a lot of fun with my mom and baby girl. AND I got an awesome piece of furniture that barely needed any fixing, meaning just a few screws tightened and a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence followed by a coat of clear wax.


Here is her before:


And after:







What do you think? I am in love xoxoxo


Be Blessed!