Treasure Pile

I had a clean out of my garage last weekend, this is the treasure after all of the TRASH! This is my haul, my

treasure, my loot, the “goods”, the creme de la’ creme (ya silly), these are my treasures ( as hubs likes to call

them. These are the pieces that I am going to, have started or still thinking about painting, cleaning and

giving LOTS of love to. Especially this one, this one is extra special to me because this is the first piece

 my hub rescued for me. That was an amazing day because he was SO PROUD of himself. And I was

proud of him for valuing what I do.  Anywho the sweet Barbie car is not in

the renovate pile, that sweet ride is parked in princess barbie and prince Jack’s reserved parking spot.

So do see a pile of treasure or do you see just a pile of old junk? What do you have waiting in your

garage waiting to be transformed into something delish?

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