Twine Wrapped Vase a la’ Pottery Barn

I was perusing my latest PB magazine when inspiration hit me! Smack in the head! Ouch! Lol…anyway I have to amuse myself right? Right!

This is from the “Wiktionary”

Inspiration or Inspire may refer to:

  • Artistic inspiration, sudden creativity in artistic production
  • Biblical inspiration, the doctrine in Judeo-Christian theology concerned with the divine origin of the Bible
  • Creative inspiration, sudden creativity when a new invention is created
  • Inhalation, the movement of air into the lungs, breathing in

 You don’t actually have to see something to directly copy you can just see something that can inspire your own take on it. Which is how it usually happens with me.  You know all those ugly glass vases you have in your cupboard? Why not make them pretty and useful so you can actually feel good about putting them out in your home.

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