What I heart at Anthropologie right now…

973646Celestial coaster set, they come in a slew of colors and remind me of pretty beads.


Measuring Hedgies. There are no words..do I have to say why they are so adorable? No I thought not.

073732Homegrown Monogram Mug, $8. These are a great gift. Hmmm, wondering if I can DIY one right now? Sometimes being crafty is a pain in the patooty. I mean come on, $8 why would I want to recreate something so inexpensive? ARggghhh….


$22,  “too cute! words from my 10 year old daughter.

23466279Herringbone tights, love all things herringbone…

26455014Bibelow Henley, this is pretty sweet too, hmmm….

993434Illume Boulangerie Jar,$16  pretty jar once the candle is done

.26633214Chalkboard latitudes sweatshirt. ummmm, have you met me? “My name is Lisa and I am a striped shirt addict”. I also heart sweatshirts to hide the muffin top. Me want,,,,hear me Anthro? The necklace ain’t bad either.

So I’ve totally been known to go to Anthropologie and snap some pics on the sly, just cuz I love their store, their style, ummm EVERYTHING there…

That’s why I wrote this post, I heart Anthropologie….what’s your most hearted???

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